Healthy Frozen Fruit Snacks You’ll Love If You Have A Sweet Tooth

These refreshing recipes aren’t just delicious: they’re actually a healthy option if you can’t live without sweets.

For those of us who love sweets, there's nothing worse that having to cut them out of our diet because they're unhealthy. Fortunately, not all is lost, and there are many delicious and even healthy options for you to fulfill that need. Fruits, of course, are that wonderful treat nature gives us, though you can always improve them to make them even tastier. Freezing fruit isn't only a great idea for those hot days when the only thing you want to eat is something refreshing, but actually a way to enhance their flavor while keeping all their nutrients and properties.

So, enough talk, here are the best frozen fruit snack ideas you won’t be able to stop eating whenever you're craving something sweet.


Chocolate and Banana Bites

Bananas and chocolate are always a great combo. This particular treat is so simple and easy to make that you won’t be able to stop making it. To make it even healthier, you can always use unsweetened chocolate.

Lemon Freezies

For this classic childhood treat, you’ll only need some plastic bags and a delicious lemon sherbet you can make with lemon, sugar, and heavy cream or water. To make the tubes you’ll just have to cut the plastic bags and seal them with a hot knife, fill them and put them in the freezer. They're super easy and fun to eat!


Peach Slushie

If you’re looking for a nice, cold drink for your pool party or just something delicious to treat yourself, slushies should be your go-to. You can use frozen or fresh peaches, and mix them with water and a bit of juice (you can use other fruits to make it more interesting, or even add some liquor if you want).

Fruit and Yogurt Bark

This snack is probably the easiest and fastest on our list since you’ll only need a couple of minutes to make it. Mix your favorite yogurt (preferably one with a more heavy consistency) with a bit of honey and your favorite frozen fruits. Put it on a flat pan and put it on the freezer. You can serve it with more fruit toppings or even a chocolate sauce.


Kiwi Pops

Similar to the banana bites, you can create these fun snacks with popsicle sticks, frozen slices of kiwi and your favorite toppings. Chocolate goes perfectly with the acidity of kiwi, but you can cover it with anything you like, like yogurt or even powdered chilli.

Fruit Champagne Popsicles

We’ve reached the fun snack of the list and, yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds. If you don’t have popsicle moulds, you can always use small glasses and aluminium sheets (or plastic wrap) to hold the sticks. Just mix one part of champagne with one part of sparkling water (or any flavored gasified drink you want) and fill the mould. Add some of your favorite fruits and freeze it. Fruits like strawberries and raspberry go quite well with the champagne, but you can add basically any fruit you like.


You don't need to eat tons of sugar and processed foods to fulfill your cravings for sweets, and as you could see these delicious frozen snacks prove it.

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