How Do You Say 'Woman' In Eight Different Indigenous Languages of Mexico?

Being a woman embodies so many things that a single word falls short. That’s why we share you how to say "woman" in eight indigenous languages.

A model of intelligence and strength, women have an exceptional role in society. They have an immense ability to love, get up, and overcome adversity. They’re full of aspirations, desires, and goals.

Mothers, friends, relatives, bosses, workers... women are capable, responsible, rebellious. They are loved, celebrated and recognized but, unfortunately, also overshadowed, discriminated and violated.


Being a woman embodies so many things that a single word falls short. That’s why we share you how to say "woman" and other variants in eight indigenous languages native of Mexico.


Woman: Sihuatl

Girl: Sihuapil

Strong / brave woman: Shuatl tlen quipiya chicahualistli, sihuatl tlen mosemaca.

Traveler woman: Sihuatl tlen paxalojtinemi

Wise woman: Sihuatl tlen nelía quimati, sihuatl tlen tlalnamiqui

Translator: Reyna Alvarado Reyes


Variant: ‘El Rincón’ from Sierra Norte de Oaxaca

Woman: Nigulha

Girl: Bido Nigulha

Strong / Brave Woman: Nigulha Tsutsu

Traveler woman: Nigulha Ridanu

Wise Woman: Nigulha Ikiajyats

Translator: Nelson Martínez Pérez


Variant: From the Orient region

Woman: Ndixu

Girl: Ts’ixutri

Strong / brave woman: Ndixu k’e mi na zezhi

Traveler woman: Ndixu k’e jodü jango ro mbedye

Wise woman: Ndixu k’e pärä na punkjü

Translator: Jessica Moreno Gómez


Variant: from the Central Lowland

Woman: à'go

Girl: àdà (neutral word, it’s girl and boy) and dxá'gu = girl.

Strong / brave woman: à'go gàkhi

Traveler woman: à'go grìngoo

Wise woman: à'go namañú

Translator: Emma Candia Estrada


Variant: Unique

Woman: Uárhi

Girl: Nanaka

Strong / brave woman: Uárhi uinhapeti

Traveler woman: Uárhi xanhantura

Wise woman: Uárhi janhaskati

Translator: Rubí Huerta Norberto


Variant: Alto del Norte

Woman: Të'ëxyëjk

Girl: Kiixy

Strong / brave woman: Të'xy jotmëk

Traveler woman: Të'xy tsïuu'yë'pyë

Wise woman: Të'xy wyënmaapyë

Translator: Javier Pérez Martínez


Variant: Unique

Woman: wexuwi

Girl: wetoxuwi

Strong / brave woman: kutepti wexuwi

Traveler woman: makute’tru wexuwi

Wise woman: makumpya wexuwi

Translator: Daniel Hernández Díaz


Variant: High East

Woman: ants

Girl: unen tseb

Strong / brave woman: tsatsal ants

Traveler woman: jxanvil ants

Wise woman: p'ijil ants

Translator: Maria Moshan

Remember that in Mexico, according to the National Institute of Indigenous Languages (INALI), there are about 69 languages spoken among indigenous communities. It's our duty to preserve and honor them.


Translated by Gaby Flores

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