Why The Most Powerful Orgasm Of All Is Also The Least Talked About

If you thought that finding the G-spot was a really difficult task, wait to learn about this Holy Grail of pleasure!

We can agree that, for a lot of people, sex plays an important role in their lives. I mean, who doesn’t like passionate and pleasurable experiences? In the same avidness, as a species, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our game and make the experience an even more intense one. Reaching an orgasm for many women is like finding a golden pot at the end of the rainbow, and that’s because sometimes we haven’t really taken the time to explore our bodies entirely and see what works best for us. Sometimes we prioritize our partner’s pleasure, or in other cases, for whatever reason, we just don’t seem to reach that wonderful peak. Now, we're hearing about an orgasm so powerful that it makes that golden pot look like a plastic cup, since it’s often referred to as the "Holy Grail of orgasms." However, if sometimes we barely reach a regular one, how can you actually get to experience this super orgasm? 

What’s all this about? I’m talking about cervical orgasms, an uncommon type of orgasm that allegedly makes your entire body spasm with pleasure, not just the pelvic zone, as it happens with clitoral or G-spot orgasms. Now, this hasn't been scientifically proven, and even though only a few women claim to have experienced it, this is making people explore their bodies in a quest to reach this grail of pleasure. In case you don't remember, the cervix is the narrow canal that holds the uterus. It’s a donut-shaped body made of cartilage with very few nerve endings, but more importantly, in order to understand why this orgasm isn’t that common, it’s very hard to reach. Actually, the only part that you can actually reach is the ectocervix, located near the back of the vagina.

I think of it as pulling the sword from the stone. Only the chosen one can achieve that prowess. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but many factors have to come together for this to happen. First, there's the fit. If you’re going for penile penetration, it has to have the right length and width to reach it, the same goes for sex toys or even your fingers, so it’s a matter of practice and luck. The position of your body is also crucial. According to Jessica O’Reilly (Ph.D. in Human Sexuality from the University of Toronto), you have to be in the right position, so that the cervix descends a bit, making it more reachable. 

Another thing to bear in mind is that stimulating the cervix isn’t that pleasurable for everybody. Actually, for many women, this can be quite painful, so it's probably not the best idea to force things. As O’Reilly suggests, it’s important to be about 80 percent on the way to reaching a regular orgasm because, in this way, you will be really aroused and lubricated, which helps avoid pain and injuries. Another suggestion she gives is to try it when you’re ovulating or menstruating, since the cervix descends a bit and is more sensitive than at other times of your cycle. Still, there are many women who won’t find this comfortable; on the contrary, it can be quite painful for them. Another thing to remember about this type of orgasm is that the cervix doesn’t have that many nerve endings, so it's more likely that you will feel pain rather than pleasure. This is because it’s made almost entirely of cartilage that feels similar to innermost part of your nose, so probably, what happens is that, while trying to go deeper, you’re actually arousing other nerve endings, provoking this ultra arousal.

So, what are you supposed to do to trigger this secret button of pleasure? Well, according to O’Reilly, the best way to arouse the area is through thrusts varying in intensity and strength. If you’re one of those lucky ones to actually achieve it, you’ll feel a particular stimulation that goes up from your pelvic area to your stomach and then the rest of your body. Now, since this orgasm hasn't been scientifically proven, many are still skeptical about C-orgasms. For instance, for clinical sexologist Patti Britton, it’s possible that other mechanisms of the body get triggered in our brain when we’re aroused that could provoke this rush of pleasure in our entire body. 

Still, for Britton, the fact that there isn’t evidence to prove it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Moreover, and I quite agree with her on this matter, she thinks it’s a great opportunity to explore our body and unveil new sensations. So, don’t hesitate to search and discover if you're one of the lucky ones able to find that golden ticket of pleasure. 


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