How To Celebrate Your Birthday Alone At Home

How To Celebrate Your Birthday Alone At Home

By: Patricia Cordero -

The current situation has the world in lockdown and many people are still wondering how to celebrate their birthday alone at home. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Raise your hand if you, like me, are one of those people celebrating their birthday during the quarantine. Even if the world seems to have stopped, people are still getting older, and despite thinking that we are disconnected from our loved ones, the fact is that we are more connected than ever. 

Yes, it might sound crazy to think about a party during these difficult times but, hey, let's get creative over here and find great ways to celebrate. It doesn't matter if you live by yourself and have to be home, social distancing from your family and friends; you still can have a great party, and here are some ideas. 

1. Have a virtual party 

You can feel close to your loved ones just by hearing to their voices and seeing their faces. Fortunately, technology makes it easy for us and we can have virtual gatherings on several different platforms. You can just share a link with them and even add a theme. What about wearing wigs? Or what if everyone makes their own birthday hat or mask? You can even agree on having the same food or drink and enjoy it together. 

how to celebrate your birthday alone at home

2. Dress to party

We've been in lockdown for more than I-don't-know-how-many-days, keeping the same routine and maybe the similar kind of lounge clothing every day. This is a special day, so find something you love wearing, dress up and ditch those pajamas and slippers. Look at the mirror, smile, see how beautiful you are, and tell yourself how fortunate you are of getting one more lap around the Sun. 

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3. Enjoy your 'me time'

For many, being alone might be terrifying, but have you ever thought about all those things you can do by yourself? Be thankful and mindful about your whole day: prepare something delicious for breakfast or lunch, something that you really like either cooking or eating or both; do that single thing you enjoy doing at home, whether it is cuddling your pet, sleeping in, watching your favorite movie, embroidering, or even washing dishes, who knows! 

how to celebrate your birthday at home

4. Spoil yourself (a little) 

Home delivery services are still working. Maybe you saved a little bit of money to buy yourself a gift, so this might be a good chance to get that special thing you want. Or you can even order a special meal or a cake. We all deserve a little something to cheer us up. And by the way, be prepared because you might get some cards and presents from your family and friends, so in the end you'll be pampered anyway. 

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5. Dance like nobody is watching! 

We all need to move a little, and dancing is one of the best ways to do so. And what a better moment to do it than your birthday. Prepare your favorite playlist, and dance, dance, dance! You'll feel more energetic after it and you'll want to share this marvelous way of celebrating with everyone. 

Hope these ideas are helpful. And, by the way, happy birthday!