Simple Beauty Remedies That'll Get Rid Of Your Acne Scars Fast

Simple Beauty Remedies That'll Get Rid Of Your Acne Scars Fast

The only thing worse than acne is the terrible scars it leaves on your skin. Add these remedies to your beauty routine and forget about blemishes on your skin.

Most people struggle with acne at some point in their lives, some during their teens, while others like me in our adulthood. It can happen at any age, and as much as we hate it, there isn’t much we can do to avoid it, though we can reduce it. A good diet and some beauty routines for the skin can lower the frequency of the breakouts or even treat it so it doesn’t leave any scarring or marks. But what happens if, like me, you aren’t that patient and used to believe that popping your zits will make them go away and now your face has some marks left? Have you been wondering how to get rid of acne scars for good? Well, there are some remedies you can add to your beauty routine to get rid of them and leave your face as flawless and glowy as it was before acne struck. Take a look at these and see which one fits you best.

how to get rid of acne scars

Baking Soda and Coconut Oil Scrub

Baking soda is one of those things in life that we have to carry with us all the time since it can basically solve anything. It’s composed of sodium bicarbonate crystals, which can be amazing as an exfoliant for the skin. When mixed with a liquid or oil, its components get activated, which makes it an amazing product to get inside the pores and clean them thoroughly. In this case, we recommend mixing it with one or two tablespoons of coconut oil (it must look like a paste) to moisturize your skin and avoid any cracking. Use it two to three times a week over the affected area leaving it for 10 minutes and removing it with warm water, and you’ll notice how its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties will ease your skin and start regenerating the damaged skin.

Potato juice and Lemon

This one might sound a bit crazy, but it actually works amazingly. You’ll only need to wash a potato, removing any sprouts and dark spots. Grate it while still wet and put it in a thin cloth and squeeze it over a container to get the precious juice. Then, mix with half a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply the concoction with a clean cotton pad over your face and let it rest for thirty minutes; clean it off with warm water and wait for the results. Do this three to four times a week so that the skin gets used to the combination and starts working. What happens is that both potatoes and lemons are rich in vitamin C which is great to blur dark spots, scars, and sun damage. Besides that, their properties are great for improving the generation of collagen that will help your skin heal. Remember to remove it completely before getting in contact with the sun since it can stain your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

One tablespoon of honey and half of apple cider vinegar daily can do wonders to your skin. Create a paste and apply it on the skin for twenty to thirty minutes; wash it off, and you’ll see how this natural astringent will help you reduce inflammation and damage in your skin. This mask is also amazing for unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells, in that way you won’t only be healing your skin but actually preventing the appearance of more zits. Also, honey is known to be amazing for hydrating the skin and encouraging the regeneration of your skin tissue.

Egg whites and Lemon

I know this might not sound that enjoyable, but bear with me, you’ll definitely love this one. Egg whites are amazing in controlling the overproduction of sebum in the pores. By doing so, it actually shrinks them and helps the regeneration of the skin cells. Mix it with the wonders of lemon and its vitamin C, and you’ll see how the scars start blurring. Mix only one tablespoon of egg white with half a tablespoon of lemon juice; apply it on the skin for twenty to thirty minutes (remember to wash it well) and repeat from three to four times a week and you’ll soon get rid of all those blemishes.

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Cucumber and Yogurt

Last but not least, we have one that won’t only help you get rid of acne scars, but it will make your skin feel so fresh and healthy. Mix two tablespoons of yogurt with blended pieces of cucumber to create this soothing paste. Apply it on your face for thirty to forty-five minutes (or until it dries out), and then rinse it off with cold water while massaging the skin with gentle patting. Cucumbers are an amazing natural astringent that reduces the redness and the pain pimples can produce. Cucumber is also anti-inflammatory due to its high amounts of vitamin E, which releases antioxidants that fight the radicals that cause acne. Mixed with the yogurt (which is rich in Zinc and vitamin B2, helping cell growth) this mask is also wonderful to cleanse, moisturize, tone, and make your skin look bright and glowy.

Let’s be honest, these masks and remedies aren’t hard to make and can have a huge impact on your skin, not only to regenerate it and help get rid of scars and blemishes but also to prevent future outbreaks and encourage the healthy growth of new cells. So, basically all you need to have perfect skin.

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