Fall And Renewal: Seven (Lucky) Short Hairstyles To Get Rid Of Bad Energy

Wondering how to get rid of negative energy? Bad energy can stick to and affect your hair. So, leave behind the past and all negativity and embrace a whole new look this season.

Did you know that your hair is an extension of your mind? It might sound strange, but it really is, and it also carries your thoughts and emotions. Just imagine all the worries, stress, bad days, and unhealthy thoughts you’ve managed to overcome in the last months or years, all trapped in your hair. And not only that, your hair also absorbs the energy around you, not to mention pollution, heat, and chemicals. So, since it is healthy to trim it or cut it short every once in a while, we are going to make you seven different offers you will not be able refuse.

Mind The Moon When You Cut Your Hair

There is a connection between your hair and the moon's cycle: if you cut or trim it on a full moon, it’ll grow healthier and faster. However, to cut it when the moon is waning may create an unbalance in your inner energy. Also, there are specific days you should cut it in order to achieve a very specific goal. For example, if you cut it on a:


Monday = health

Tuesday = wealth

Wednesday = good news

Thursday = new acquisitions

Friday = sorrow

Saturday = true love

Sunday = the devil will be with you all week. 

So, bear this in mind, if you feel like cutting your hair, while we show you seven hairstyles we suggest for this autumn-winter season. Remember, these are just ideas and you can adapt them however you like.

The Pixie Crop

September is defined by new collections, textures, and colors in the beauty industry. However, you can always add something vintage to your look for a little balance, like the Pixie Crop, an oldie but a goodie.


The Bob

Nothing says "classy" like a bob. I mean, Anna Wintour has had one for more than 30 years, no matter the season or the trends. It's a keeper.

Super Short Crop

Autumn invites us to reinvent ourselves, to impress, and to be a brand new version of ourselves. Getting a super short hairstyle will shock and dazzle everyone, even you!


Slicked-Back Pixie

Short hair makes your facial features pop. The eyes and cheekbones are highlighted since the face is more exposed and slick hair will always make your eyeliner look even more extra. 

Cropped Cut With Long Layers

If you're feeling daring, adventurous, and creative, the contrast between the short sides and the long layers gives you the chance to manage different versions of this hairstyle: think rock star or Academy Awards inspiration.

The Bowl Cut

Hats, scarves, earrings, necklaces and glasses will stand out easily, so you will need less of these to look chic yet fierce. Take one last risk before winter comes and get rid off those extra things you’re carrying (like your locks).


Photo: @joshatcrafted

Flapperesque French Girl Cut

This haircut can turn into a bob once you let it grow, and there you'll have another chance to try one more hairstyle before going long and fluffy again. 

Photo: @lahairboutique


To cut your hair is the physical representation of leaving the past behind. Hence, it's a chance to let it be born anew, that much stronger and more revitalized. I understand the importance of embracing the knowledge experience gives you, but hey, why not give ourselves a chance to start from scratch every once in a while? I mean, a haircut never killed anybody (I hope).

I can tell you first hand that getting rid of some hair gives you a feeling of freedom. I used to have long hair until one day I decided to go hard or go home, so I cut it al off. Yes, I’m talking Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta short. You don’t have to be that extreme, but it sure is a cathartic experience. Reinvention is key, so that’s why you should keep in mind these 7 hairstyles and live the experience and comfort of short hair. And why not? Maybe give it a chance on a Saturday full moon. 


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