5 Ways Be Totally Sure If Your Crush Likes You

5 Ways Be Totally Sure If Your Crush Likes You

By: Sairy Romero -

Yes, your crush has the ability of communicating, and they will use it if they want you to know their feelings for you.

There are tons of articles telling us that we can know if a person likes us if we pay attention to a series of signs and clues. Most of them include things that are simply too subtle or too specific to really mean anything clear, like the amount of eye contact or welcoming body language. But do these signs really tell us our crush's feelings? What can we actually do if we’re totally confused or uncertain about a crush? How can we make it a little bit easier for us to know whether they like us back? The first thing that might help is to accept that the possibility of rejection is always there. Even if we notice all the positive signs, a person might still not want to get involved with us. The second thing is to become better communicators ourselves, so that dating stops being a matter of intrigue and mystery for everyone involved. Here’s a list of actual behaviors (not just signs, clues, and subtle gestures) that will assure you that your crush likes you.

5 Ways Be Totally Sure If Your Crush Likes You 1

They actually say that they like you.


Yes, your crush probably has the ability of communicating and they will use it if that’s what they want to do. Instead of looking for small signs, listen to their actual words. It’s not a matter of interpretation, reading between lines, or analyzing the hidden meaning behind a text. I know it’s exciting to go all Sherlock after we reach the conclusion that they’re in love with us because they mentioned the name of our favorite band in a conversation, but those games are disappointing if we take them too far. Try to avoid them, and simply notice if they say the words “I like you,” “I like spending time with you,” or any other way of actually stating they want to be with you.

5 Ways Be Totally Sure If Your Crush Likes You 2

They flirt with you and they keep in touch.


Okay, here are two things that have to go together. A person might flirt with you just because they like flirting with people in general, but if the flirty comment or interaction isn’t followed by more interest in what’s going on with your life, it probably just means that they find you attractive but have no real interest in pursuing anything. Also if they’re keeping in touch, texting you, and making conversation every day without anything flirtatious going on, they probably just want to be your friend. So look for the two things simultaneously.

5 Ways Be Totally Sure If Your Crush Likes You 3

Your conversations aren’t shallow.


Remember that quality is more important than quantity, in conversations and in everything else in this life. A person might show you that they’re interested by keeping in touch and talking to you every day, but if they just say “hey” and ask “what’s up,” and the conversation never gets very interesting, they probably don’t like you that much. A person who really likes you will make an effort to get to know you and show you who they are, and they will try to make the conversation at least a little entertaining for you.

5 Ways Be Totally Sure If Your Crush Likes You 4

They don’t play games.


If someone truly likes you, they will take the relationship seriously from the beginning. Of course, a slightly immature person might want to show you that they like you by playing silly, childish games, like sending mixed signals and acting in a confusing way (switching between flirty and cold, and other frustrating behaviors like that). But do you actually want to be with someone who behaves like that? Don’t you want to be with an adult who is straightforward and communicative about their feelings?

5 Ways Be Totally Sure If Your Crush Likes You 5

Their body language suggests it but they also confirm it with words.


Again, some things have to go together. For many different reasons, someone might tell you that they like you while being clearly uncomfortable with you. Don’t give more importance to one thing or the other. Just listen and pay attention to them! Look at their faces and notice if they’re having a good time. If they don’t seem happy, don’t waste your time and do not insist. Remember they should be enthusiastic about being with you: that’s what you both deserve.



If you keep these things in mind, and you apply them when you like someone, your dating life will be much easier. It’s only complicated if we make it so. Come on, let’s be open and sincere when it comes to our relationships.


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