How To Write For Cultura Colectiva+

How To Write For Cultura Colectiva+

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Storytellers are people who want their voices to be heard. Join our international team of writers, bloggers and creators!

So you want to become a writer?

Storytellers are people who want their voices to be heard. Join our international team of writers and bloggers.

Do you have a personal blog you want to amplify? Do you want to grow your social media presence? Do you have an important personal project with social implications? Do you have strong opinions about art, music, books, places? Are you looking for a reputable outlet to publish your opinions and knowledge? Then come write for us!

Please, before submitting your article or story, read these recommendations that will help you write like the best and become one of our Storytellers!

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1. Content is King. Make sure that your piece includes a clear idea, story or anecdote.

2. No more than 500 words, please! Ideally, your article should be 450 words long.

3. Be bold. Dare to say new things and make your voice heard around the world.

4. Your articles should be in this format: introduction - idea - idea - idea -...- closing remarks.
5. Include at least 3 verifiable references for each submission.

6. Last, but not least, we strongly condemn any kind of plagiarism.

7. Click here and become one of our Storytellers now!

The Storyteller Project is an effort to find and publish a wide array of voices in English. We are currently inviting artists and creators from all over the world to become part of our pool of collaborators.

Our international collaborators are located all over the world, from South Korea to Krakow, to Argentina. Their stories inspire our readers every day.

We offer a unique opportunity for all writers to join one of the most innovative companies producing original content in the world, a place for bloggers to grow their audience, and a platform for artists to tell us about the issues they care about.

As part of the Storyteller Project, you will have the opportunity to gain experience as a writer and be coached by our team of seasoned Editors, as well as to grow your online presence and reach our over 3 million followers on Social Media.



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