Is Your Partner Suffering From Jekyll And Hyde Syndrome?

Every time you're with your partner do you feel like you're walking on thin ice? When you mention something, are you afraid of triggering their volatile character?  Do you feel your partner is constantly irritated by things you do or say, even when you're not doing anything to provoke it? If these are common situations in your relationship, your partner might be suffering from the Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome.

Named after the popular novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, this syndrome refers to constant changes in an individual’s personality. However, this has nothing to do with Dissociative Identity Disorder or bipolarity; instead, this refers to hypersensitive people whose anger can be easily triggered. We all probably know someone who acts normally and, suddenly, out of a simple situation their mood changes radically. Although some tend to think this is only a derivation of one’s personality, when someone’s attitude changes abruptly, it can evolve into more aggressive outbursts and actions that must not be taken lightly.

The Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome, or Irritable Male Syndrome, only afflicts men. As Dr. Sue Johnson explains, we all present a degree of hypersensitivity in us, but in most cases, we know how to control it. Of course, this is not set in stone, but studies have found that the way we deal with hypersensitivity is related to gender patterns. Dr. Johnson states that women tend to react in a more depressive and silent manner while men become angry and violent.

When confronted about their outbursts, people with this syndrome tend to blame everything and everyone but themselves. It's not their fault that the world is against them, so, they don't take responsibility for their actions.

One important thing is that in most cases mature men are the ones suffering from these symptoms. Specialist Jed Diamond states that this condition commonly appears as a manifestation of andropause due to a hormonal unbalance. Despite this, the syndrome can also be present in younger men. In many cases these people's partners tend to associate this change of personality with the end of a honeymoon phase, so they normalize this kind of behavior.

Another common symptom can be appreciated in the way they behave with their partners. Most of the time they focus all their rage on the person that's closest to them. But this isn't only presented in violent outbursts. They can also become silent beings, causing even more tension in the relationship.

The cause of this condition is still a mystery, but some specialists claim that this is something people carry from their life experiences. Studies have shown that in most cases the individuals were neglected and ignored by people they loved, causing an accumulation of anger and rage that explodes after years of being suppressed, and sadly, their partners become their scapegoat.

These can be red flags you must seriously take into account to prevent unfortunate situations. If you think  your partner is experiencing some of these symptoms, look for professional help.

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