I Finally Got Jaclyn Hills Vault Collection And These Are My Thoughts

After all the drama, Jaclyn Hills new Vault Collection has finally launched, and boy, opinions are divided. This is what I really think.

Social media is the best place to promote makeup and beauty products, and influencers have definitely taken over the industry to the point that they have brands of their own and collaborations with huge names. At the same time, they’ve become the real quality filters according to which people base their decisions on whether to buy a product or not. The collection we’re going to talk about is a collaboration between influencer Jaclyn Hill and Morphe, and if you’re into makeup, you’ll know it’s full of controversy and drama. 


After last year’s success with her famous collaboration with Morphe, the Jaclyn Hill Palette, people kept wondering when she would release her own brand or at least a new collection. The announcement came in June on her channel, promising a second release with Morphe. She explained that in the process of creating her palette a lot of amazing colors had been left out and stored in the brand’s laboratory’s vault, but they were so cool that they had to be out as well. She named it the Vault Collection, and it consists of four different palettes with ten colors each (forty in total).

Everybody (including me, of course) was so excited because we all loved the original one and because she claimed these ones were exactly the same quality. As you might know, as soon as the first Vaults were sent to the PR list, influencers started sharing their thoughts on how bad these were. In a smart move, Hill and the company postponed the official launch and allegedly destroyed all the production to reformulate the shadows.


Well, the day finally arrived. After about forty minutes waiting in line on the website, some crazy shipping moves I had to make (I’m in one of the few countries the brand doesn’t ship to), finally today I got the chance to see by myself the Vault collection. Now, while I was obsessively waiting, I also got to see some of the first customer reactions and, oh boy, there were really mixed opinions. A lot of people were amazed by the colors and pigmentation, while most were seriously disappointed and angry since they looked like the flawed and damaged original badges.

So, finally, now that I have them, this is what I think. First of all, do not let yourself be misled by photos and videos on social media. When I got the first palette, I was convinced I had gotten a bad one because the colors weren’t as vibrant as they looked on Instagram or YouTube. After comparing it with others, I realized they looked like that because of the lightning of the pictures, and as I said, it’s still one of my favorite palettes ever. Well, something similar happens with this one, the swatching photos (even the swatches themselves) aren’t to be trusted, and the best thing to do is to try the product directly on your eyelids.


While it’s true that some of the matte shades look a bit patchy, it’s also true that those that perform that way are generally problematic shades that tend to look that way: I’m talking about the greens, blues, and purples. That’s why in most palettes these hues tend to be shimmers to help with the pigmentation intensity and the blendability. Another thing that people got really mad about is how they blend, or better said, how hard it is to blend them. That’s also understandable. Lighter and warmer hues will always be easier to blend and build upon. Most of the colors in the collection are of a darker range. So, yes, it requires a bit more work, but it’s also quite normal.

As she explained in her video, these are great complementary shades for the first palette, though they are assembled in a way that you can create different looks without the other one. They don’t have as many transition shades as the first one, but you have good options to create a full look. Now, if you don’t have any of them and you only want one, I strongly recommend the first one since it has more options for every single taste. The Vault ones are more pigmented and darker so they’re thought for more intense and bold looks.


Let’s wrap this up. I do think that it’s true that the original palette was infinitely better than this second collection. I think it’s also true that it all came in a way that can seem quite shady. I mean, how they withdrew the entire production (understandable) and how they made it all in just a month (questionable); or the fact that she said it was the same exact formula, pressing, and ingredients, when they’re evidently not. However, all in all, I think they are actually quite nice shadows. They have amazing and unique colors that you don’t find that often, but more importantly, they’re quite fine for the price you’re paying. The entire collection in Morphe is 49 USD and each individual palette is 15 USD. There are brands that are stupidly expensive and are literal crap, but this one isn’t, it’s just a bit harder to use than the original one, but all in all really beautiful. Not disappointed at all! 


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