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Jada Pinket Smith agrees Will Smith “overreacted” according to a close source

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 7 de abril de 2022

According to a close source, Jada Pinkett Smith wishes Will Smith hadn’t reacted that way but will still “stand by him.”

In yet another Will Smith story, wife Jada Pinkett Smith declares she wishes he hadn’t reacted the way he did at the Oscars to defend her after a tasteless joke made by controversial comedian Chris Rock. The incident, which has gone viral since the very beginning, shook Hollywood forming two sides, those who support Will Smith’s actions in an attempt to defend his wife’s honor, and those who condemn his actions as unnecessary violence.

Now, almost two weeks after the polemic incident, a close source to the couple has declared to US Weekly, that both Will and Jada agree he overreacted. “It was in the heat of the moment, and it was him overreacting. He knows that; she knows that.” The unnamed source added that Jada didn’t want Smith to defend her, that she’s a “strong and opinionated woman that can fight her own battles.” Still, although she allegedly doesn’t approve of his actions, according to the source, “she will stand by him.”

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Jada and Will Smith had been married for 25 years and they’ve appeared before the public as a strong and solid couple. Not only that, they’ve always been very protective of their family, so for many, Will’s reaction was understandable. Right after the incident, when he was awarded Best Actor of the year, Smith half-apologized and justified his actions in this speech of putting his family first and protecting it at all cost.

The day after he issued a formal apology on social media and days later quit the Academy accepting any other punishment they find suit under the circumstances. On her part, Jada Pinkett Smith only posted a message on her social media accounts that read “this is a season for healing and I’m here for it.”

According to close sources, Will Smith is seeking professional help to deal with all the stress and anger he experienced and is willing to check in into a rehabilitation clinic to work on himself. Maybe a great decision at a moment when his career is hanging on a wire. Also, this will give everybody some time to let this awkward moment finally pass.

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