Jalapeño Frozen Margaritas And 10 Other Cool Drinks For The Summer

Get ready for summer with these spicy twists on cocktails, mocktails, milkshakes, iced coffee, and other drinks for this year's hot weather!

News are in: there's a heatwave coming and it's going to be the worst, according to experts. We know this heat should be taken very seriously and you should take all precautions necessary to keep you, your loved ones, and your community safe. But don't fret just yet. Once you know you're going to be alright, it should be time to freshen yourself up any way you can. And any way involves preparing the best drinks, cocktails or mocktails, milkshakes or frozen, iced coffee or otherwise. 

We've put together a list to give you ideas for the best drinks for summer weather. It's not just about the heatwave, it's also about being creative with regard to what you drink for any summer, not just for this year. Here are the best drinks we could think of. You'll notice how most of them come with a twist. No, not that kind of twist. Just a new way or a thoughtful additions to old classics. Scroll down to find out the most exciting drinks to prepare at home!


Jalapeño Frozen Margarita

@maryswholelifeThe drink that started it all: somewhere along the line in the history of margaritas someone decided to... spice things up a bit by putting some spice on it, literally. All you have to do is prepare a margarita the good old-fashioned way, slice a jalapeño pepper and add a couple to each glass. Do NOT overdo it. The pleasure of a spiced up margarita is for the capsaicin of the pepper to be subtle, not for you to feel like your mouth is on fire. Remember, all you're looking for is to go up a notch or two, while enjoying a classic cocktail.

Spicy Watermelon Margarita



@barefeetkitchenWatermelon is so fresh it has the word "water" in it. Try this by adding an actual watermelon to the mix, rather than using lime or lemon juice you just buy at the supermarket. 

Frozen Negroni

@top_denver_restaurantsThere's many ways of trying Negroni, but so far, experts haven't found a better way than blending it with ice to get a slushee-like texture. Here's a picture of regular Negroni besides frozen Negroni. Honestly, people, which would you rather?


Ginger Peach Soda

@145cafeandbar Add some ginger to peach concentrate and mix that with fizzy water. You'll thank us later.

Tinto de verano

@tinto.deverano"Tinto de verano" literally translates to summer red wine. It's similar to sangría but it's not sangría. In fact, it's better because it's easier to make. Get your favorite red wine and your favorite lemon soda. Make as much as you want but remember to keep a 1:1 ratio. Some people add rum to it, but that's really up to you.


Citrus Arnold Palmer

A classic Arnold Palmer, but with a summer make over. All you need is an orange, some iced tea (which you make with English Breakfast tea), orange juice, lemon juice, and maybe bourbon.




@cupcakeladenUnlike the Jalapeño margaritas, when it comes to milkshakes, our advice is go big or go home. God invented them for a reason, so go all out. I'm talking chocolate syrup, candy, marshmallows, ice cream, sprinkles. And did I mention donuts?

Piña Colada

@traegerrecipesNo one can resist a good old-fashioned piña colada. So, in case you forgot, we've included it on this list. 


Cold Coffee

Some people need their regular coffee dose. I'm one of those people, but summer makes it too hot for anyone to drink a hot drink. Here are some alternatives for you to get the caffeine you need to get through the day.


@dailybrewcaffeIce cream + coffee. Genius idea. It's not as simple as it looks, though. The best flavor to go for is vanilla, as it makes a sharp sweet contrast with bitter coffee. Also, don't just go for any kind of coffee. You're going to want to choose espresso. It's simple, fast, and yummy.


Cold brew

@julesdenbyCold Brew burst onto the stage some time ago. It's not just coffee gone cold, it's a special type of brewing in which the result is a cold style of coffee. It's really one of the best options for the summer, too.

Latte On The Rocks

@hqottawaAn oldie but a goodie. People have been having lattes on the rocks for ages. And it's not all that hard to make, either. It doesn't involve a special kind of process like a cold brew, but it's equally delicious. When you find yourself at your local coffeeshop, ask for a regular latte and a glass with ice on it. Then, pour your latte in the glass and drink away. Some coffee places will prepare this drink for you, add foam, and even caramel syrup for your delight. 


Whatever you choose, remember to stay safe and stay cool!

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