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iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy discloses years of child abuse by her mother

Por: 8 de abril de 2022

Jennette McCurdy, former Nickelodeon star, reveals she suffered child abuse for several years from her mother.

Former Nickelodeon star, Jennette McCurdy, known for her iconic roles in series such as iCarly and Sam&Cat, recently revealed the release date of the upcoming autobiographical book she has been working on for some time. She will reveal the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother when she was just a child.

McCurdy’s book is titled, Im Glad My Mom Died, in which the 29-year-old recounts between the lines how difficult her childhood was because of her mother, who was obsessed with making her a star no matter what the cost. This had repercussions for Jennette which eventually translated into anxiety, shame, and self-loathing.

What do we know about the Jannette McCurdy abuse case?

In the book, Jennette McCurdy tells how complicated it was that her mother was the one who led her career as a child actress because she was very strict. The pressure came concerning weight and physical appearance, as the then minor was not allowed to eat certain foods. According to the actress, there were times when her mother forced her to weigh herself up to five times a day, which triggered eating disorders for the actress of Sam in iCarly.

McCurdy claimed that her mother performed vaginal and breast exams on her and did not allow her to bathe alone until she was 17. In addition to this, the book also details that the actress had to share her diaries, emails, and financial income with her mother during her career as a child star.

The former actress said the reason for sharing the years of abuse and psychological damage her mother caused her is primarily to explore emotional abuse and serve as a help for other young people who find themselves experiencing this type of situation at home.

“I hope to encourage young people to speak up for themselves in environments where they may be conditioned to just ‘play ball’ and ‘be good sports,’” she commented for Nylon.

In 2013, Debra McCurdy, mother of the actress, died of cancer, causing that after this event, Jennette McCurdy completely moved away from the world of television and entertainment and began to go to therapy.

Story originally published in Cultura Colectiva News.

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