6 Kinds Of Soulmates You Will Meet In Your Lifetime

kinds of soulmates

If you're waiting for that special significant other, your Prince Charming, your princess, your one and only soulmate, sit down and read this.

Let's start with the obvious: soulmates don’t exist. Ok, let me rephrase that. The idea of a soulmate like the one Disney, and Hollywood in general present is nothing but a fantasy. We create an image or a profile of who we believe would be the perfect match for us, and if we're not aware of reality, this can lead to a lifelong search for this person who matches that idea, even when probability won’t always be on our side. My ideal soul mate would be emotional, tender, and loving, with a great sense of humor (dark and sarcastic), and a strong and yet friendly face (because the physical aspects matter too), dark hair, beard, moustache, and green eyes. Basically, he'd be a mix between Chris Pratt and Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time

Now, if you think about it, this is a profile I share with tons of people out there, which, in my opinion, makes it evident that there is no such thing as one soulmate for everyone. This takes us to our main subject today. I do believe that this is more a matter of compatibility that isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships only. Actually, I believe that we have many different soulmates around the world that we might not ever meet, or that lived (or will live) in a different time. So, without further ado, here are six kinds of soulmates we’ll encounter in our lives that can be way more meaningful than the idea of that special someone.

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Romantic compatibility

Now, I know this might seem contradictory to what I just said, but it doesn’t actually mean that we can’t find that special compatibility when it comes to romantic relationships. It’s just that we might not even notice them when we're so focused on finding that ideal person we picture in our minds. The important thing to bear in mind when talking about romantic soulmates is that they aren’t that special piece that completes us because no partner can complete us: they can only complement us and help us grow as people.


Friendly fraternity

Just like with romantic soulmates, there are friendships that can be more meaningful than any other relationship in life. My grandfather always said that family isn’t really the people related to us by blood, but rather those who we choose to have in our lives, and he couldn’t be more right. A real friend isn’t the one we go to when we want to have fun or need advice; a real friend is the one who brings something positive to our lives and makes us a better person. 


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Sibling connection

I added the sibling connection because, even if sometimes our actual siblings can’t really fulfill that role or fill that place in our lives, there are some cases (and I truly think I was blessed in that matter) where a sister or a brother can be a real soulmate in life, and the strongest and more durable bond of our lives.


Professional bond

This might sound a little strange, but bear with me for a second. Just like there are people that you create an emotional bond with (a friend, relative, or even a partner), there are people that share the same abilities and affinities you have on a professional level. As I mentioned before, soul mates don't necessarily have to be people that we're linked to for life, but rather people who can challenge and make our strengths blossom and grow, which is very important when talking about our career.


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Personality link

As I mentioned before, there will be people out there who we won’t ever cross paths with those that are really compatible on an emotional and intellectual level. In the same way, we can have a very strong personality connection with people that we might not want to establish in a more personal way, but we can share a deep bond based on our shared personality.


Platonic affinity

Finally, because I told you about my ideal soulmate, I couldn’t put more emphasis on those platonic affinities we can have with people we’ve heard of or even seen somewhere, that we might never meet, but nonetheless share a lot with us. Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you see a celebrity, an athlete, or an artist that makes you think you’d be great friends? Well, that’s pretty much the idea.


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I’m not a huge advocate of these romantic and idealized notions of relationships, no matter their nature. So, as you might have seen I understand these in more realistic and logical terms. For me, soulmates are simply a matter of compatibility, and for that reason, there can be many soulmates in the world for us.


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