7 facts to remember why Kobe Bryant will always be a legend

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest basketball players in history. However, Kobe was a legend inside and outside the court. Here are some facts you might not know.

It's been two years since the world lost one of its greatest legends. Not only was Kobe Byrant a sports icon for his undeniable talent in basketball, but he was also a man that inspired millions with his charisma, hard work, and an impetus to always achieve whatever he set his mind to.

Koby Bryant rose to fame as one of the greatest players in the history of basketball. Always wearing the iconic yellow and purple colors of the Los Angeles Lakers, Koby won five championships in a career of over 20 years. Still, there's is still much more to know about this legend outside and inside the court.


He was named after two foods

It looks like Kobe's parents were true foodies since he gave their son not one but two names referencing food. The first one, Kobe, is the name of the luxurious Japanese beef that's taken from a specific type of cattle raised in the country. Most people don't know this, but Kobe's middle name is Bean. Why? This is a nod to his father whose nickname is Jelly Bean.

He went to prom with an R&B star

It's well known that Kobe Bryant dropped out of school, still, he managed to experience some of the best bits, including prom. Kobe wanted to make such an entrance to his prom so what a better way than coming with a superstar! He decided to ask the R&B sensation Brandy whom she had met in the 1996 Essence Awards. She agreed mainly because she had missed her own prom.


Kobe played with the idea of becoming a musician

From a very young age, it was clear that Kobe had a unique talent for basketball. Even after starting escalating in his sporting career, he didn't abandon the dream of becoming a rapper, something he was quite passionate about and had even practiced during high school. He participated in several rap battles in local clubs and was even signed with Sony Entertainment. Kobe recorded an album called Visions and was ready to be released but it never came out.

Kobe's poem to basketball

In 2015, Kobe Bryant announced his retirement from basketball. Like millions of fans all over the world, Kobe was sad about making this decision but knew he had given his best to the sport. To say goodbye to his life's first passion, Kobe wrote a heart-melting poem titled "Dear Basketball," where he narrated his journey through basketball and how he discovered this love for the sport when he was only six years old. The poem was so emotional, that it served as inspiration for a short film, which takes us to our next fact. 


He won an Oscar

The short animated film, Dear Basketball, was narrated and co-created with Kobe. The heartfelt story dealt with the journey and the discipline needed to fulfill one's dreams. The message was so strong that he took home the Oscar statuette. Later on, he declared that doing the film and even winning the Academy Award was one of the hardest things he had ever done.

Charity was one of his biggest purposes

Besides excelling at basketball, and as we've seen in music, film, and poetry, Kobe was extremely passionate about helping others. From the moment he started making money in his career he became widely involved in different charities. He was known for donating even all his earnings from a given game. 


He was raised in Italy

Kobe actually got the passion for basketball from his father, Joe Bryant, who was also a quite renowned NBA player. During his career, Joe was sent to play overseas, and Italy was one of the destinations he stayed the most. Kobe was raised in Italy and became quite fluent in the language.

Photos from: Shutterstock and @kobebyrant

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