South Korea Has A Black Valentines Day For People Who Are Tired Of Being Single

Singles Day has a date its called Black Day and is celebrated in Asian nation where you can either lament your loneliness or celebrate your attachment-free status

She spent her entire afternoon looking for the ideal box of chocolates, and she found them: semi-sweet, coconut-filled ganache truffles, the sales associate even went as far as to say they were the best way to conquer a man's heart. The box itself cost her almost her entire monthly allowance, but she didn’t care because the following day was Valentine’s Day and her crush would be happy with her choice and her feelings. Impatient, she waited a full month for her crush's response on White Day. She straightened her hair, did her make up, and wore her favorite blue jasmine dress. She waited patiently for her crush to arrive and as the hours went by without a single text, she realized he wouldn't arrive on her doorstep. Her love was unrequited. The following month she wore black and headed to a local restaurant in downtown Seoul where she ordered the biggest bowl of jajangyeon and drowned her sorrows in the black colored bowl of noodles.

Black Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated in South Korea on April 14th, two months after Valentine's Day and one month after White Day. During this day, those unlucky in love share their pain by wearing black clothes and eating black colored foods. The most commonly ordered dish is jajangmyeon, or jjajangmyeon, which consists of Chinese-style noodles topped with a black bean paste. It is the most anticipated holiday for singles and while some enjoy the occasion others are consumed by the sad reminder of their unrequited love.

This holiday stems from Valentine's Day, where women give presents, usually chocolate to the men they like and from White Day, where men reciprocate with unexpected gifts. Black Day is celebrated by those who didn't receive anything on either day, so they spend their time enjoying the comforts of delicious food.

Oddly enough, this day has turned into a huge marketing opportunity for several industries, clothing stores and restaurants offer promotions. Some outlets have even taken advantage of this day to inspire people to fall in love and they do so by arranging speed dating events and jajangmyeon eating contests. In a way, this holiday is meant to celebrate the single life and it's a nice to celebrate your independence.

Having a partner is awesome because you spend time sharing small things that are precious, like watching a cheesy movie or enjoying the cool comfort of clean sheets on a Sunday evening. However being single is a great chance to get to know yourself and build lasting relationships with friends and new people. So, it's cool to discover Black Day and how you can have fun while being heartbroken, so let's dig into some delicious jajangmyeon.


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