Kylie Jenner’s New Halloween Collection Has Been Revealed And It’s Spooktacular

Kylie Jenner’s New Halloween Collection Has Been Revealed And It’s Spooktacular

Lifestyle Kylie Jenner’s New Halloween Collection Has Been Revealed And It’s Spooktacular

When we say Halloween Makeup we can't help but think about those greasy low price bases we use for costumes. Yet, Kylie Jenner's new wearable and seasonless Halloween collection gives us the spooky vibes we needed to embrace this season through the whole year.

What a year it’s been for the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan! The 21 year-old celebrity has launched either single items or full collections throughout 2018 making her label one of the most successful beauty companies of the year.

Kylie Cosmetics has had some of the most publicized product releases whenever it launches new product lines –at least once a month. With a great marketing team and a fanbase that can't get enough of the brand, Jenner has managed to give her fans products that adjust to specific moments of the season, and Halloween won’t be the exception. Just recently, she wowed her millions of followers with a preview of her upcoming exciting and appealing Halloween collection. Generally, I’m not that impressed by the products she comes up with since I’m not that into neutral and matte colors (which she’s been quite devoted to). Still, to be honest, this new collection with its splash of chromatic and dazzling hues is giving me some serious Halloween vibes. With no further ado, let’s take a look to most of Kylie's Halloween collection to see if it’s really worth the money (and your attention).

Kylie Jenner’s New Halloween Collection Has Been Revealed And It’s Spooktacular 1

First of all, the packaging. I’ve always believed that the real value of Kylie Cosmetics lies on its marketing design. Her team creates captivating presentations for the products (most of the times, though. That Jordyn collaboration was nothing but boring and kitschy), so Halloween, being such a visual and alluring theme, required specific elements of inspiration in order to hand in to customers something striking and "bewitching". Playing with purples, greens, and reds, each product is inspired by one of the classic characters we love from this festivity: vampires, mummies, ghosts and even Frankenstein. But not only that, probably the coolest part of the packaging is its 3D design which comes with a pair of cool 3D glasses. 

Packaging is really cool, but we’re not just buying pretty-looking cardboard, right? So, let’s talk about the real deal: makeup. The full collection consists of 10 products and it's the Mummy Palette the one that stands out from the rest. Though I’m not a huge fan of the stories Kylie has created with some of her previous color combinations, and was rather skeptical after she announced it, this Halloween line dazzled me. With its nine pressed-powder eyeshadows, the Mummy Palette has grabbed the attention of makeup lovers (myself included). This palette –that not only focuses on greens, oranges, and purples– has a more complex color proposal that gives us the Halloween vibes we were looking for. And, Jenner has also thought her new collection to be practical since it contains colors that can be used through the whole year and not just for Halloween. So, if you were doubting about the wearability of the palette, fear not since the chromatic and glittery hues seem to be great for every single season.

Kylie Jenner’s New Halloween Collection Has Been Revealed And It’s Spooktacular 2

Lipsticks in this collection are also very appealing; specifically two that come in metallic shades such as “haunted” (a gorgeous burnt orange) and “monster” (a rather deep green, of course). You can also enjoy the already classic matte hues in Kylie's lipsticks; the nice nude mauve “creep it real” or the deep purple-red “spider bite”. In addition, the "Vampire Lip Kit", kits that have become signatures of the brand, includes the “bite me” lipstick which is a nice bloody red; and a glittery gloss in a golden-copper combination called “Handsome Devil”.

Another product that’s making people to lose their heads on social media is the new color transforming Kylighter in shade “Go Ghost” shade. At first sight, it looks like a nice whiteish-silver hue, but as you swatch it “comes gold on the skin” (as she personally explained). Honestly, this product looks so nice it makes me want to take a bath on those glittery golden flecks.

Kylie Jenner’s New Halloween Collection Has Been Revealed And It’s Spooktacular 3

Last but not least, this Kylie's Halloween products also includes two glitter liquid eyeshadows that can be used as toppers to bring out a more intense metallic tone to your looks. The first one is called “Witch and Famous”, which is an coppery orange hue. The second one, “Hello Ghordeous”, is a very intense yellow-gold shade that combines perfectly with the rest of the colors in the eyeshadow palette.

The previous collection to the Halloween one wasn’t as exciting if I may be frank. But, with this "spooky" collection, she’s actually doing what she does best; giving us exciting products that for sure will become favorites not only for her fans, but for tons of people out there. So, what do you think? Do you think this might be her coolest collection so far? Let’s see how it goes when it launches on October 12th.


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