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Kylie Jenner visited one of her makeup labs in Milan and the backlash for not following the rules is ruthless

Por: 5 de agosto de 2022

Many wondered why Kylie Jenner wasn’t asked to wear proper lab rules when visiting one of the makeup factories in Milan.

Kylie Jenner has been under the spotlight for quite a time now. First for the short private jet flight that made many call her a climate criminal and now for not following basic lab rules that could cause serious health concerns around her makeup line.

Through a series of TikTok and Instagram posts, the young entrepreneur shared her express visit to one of the labs that manufacture her makeup line and, ass excepted, documented the experience to give her followers a glimpse behind the scenes of the successful line.

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In the video, she said she would be in Milan for only 24 hours to visit all the makeup factories, and especially “to check on new Kylie Cosmetics stuff coming that I’m very excited about”.

Once inside the factory, Kylie is seen walking through the aisles wearing a white lab coat but there was one thing that caught users’ attention. Contrary to what employees are expected, she wasn’t wearing any hat or gloves and instead had her long dark hair loose.

Kylie was filmed mixing some kind of shimmer and a foundation. She even got to the point of taking a swab of a product at a container and testing it on her hand. All the time she kept her rings and her long nails uncovered.

Rather than impress her followers, Kylie infuriated them. Many responded to her Instagram post by signaling that she was missing basic lab rules and that she was mixing and handling products while ignoring basic health and safety procedures.

Many even pointed out that Kylie was missing any PPE, including a hairnet and gloves to handle lab products that must have high standards of hygiene to avoid any contamination.

Even true makeup experts pointed this out. Kevin James Bennet, an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist commented on how Kylie failed to comply with basic hygiene standards.

“Working with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) is part of my job. I have very short hair, and I’ve NEVER been allowed into the lab without a hair net...AND GLOVES. Why are you gaslighting your followers?” he asked. “And what ignorant lab let you touch things without following proper sanitation protocols?”

And well, we couldn’t agree more. There is no way that makeup that was handled without any proper sanitation gets out to the market, or at least we expect so.

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