6 Things Only Those Who Can Be Alone With Their Thoughts Can Do

6 Things Only Those Who Can Be Alone With Their Thoughts Can Do

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By: Josue Brocca

July 4, 2017

Lifestyle 6 Things Only Those Who Can Be Alone With Their Thoughts Can Do
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By: Josue Brocca

July 4, 2017

Solitude is bliss. 
We just need to know how to seize it.
Being social animals, we've grown used to surrounding ourselves with other people, leaving us no time to be with ourselves and truly enjoy what it means to be living in our own body. Yet, there are times when there's nothing more beautiful than having the opportunity to spend some truly pleasurable time on your own. 

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Often, we become afraid of spending time alone because we're scared of our thoughts drifting to the past and the difficult moments we lived through. There are some things we wish to forget and in moments of utter stillness we fear we are summoning them to our present. 

Are we scared of growing bored of our own company, and we need other people to find enjoyment? If we nodded our heads in agreement, I think it's time to see what we're missing out on. When we have a little time to ourselves and our own thoughts, we can make small improvements. There's nothing more pleasurable than scheduling a little bit of Me-Time everyday. 

Go anywhere you want on your own

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There's a lot of people who miss out on cultural or social activities just because they can't manage to get somebody to go with them. Once you've grown used to being with your own thoughts, you can go basically wherever you want on your own and have an excellent time anyway.

Realize you're the only one who can make your wishes come true

When you learn to be by yourself, you have a lot of time to figure out what you want to do and how you want to accomplish them. Instead of having your friends decide for you, figure out exactly what you want to do and just do it. 

Decide how to spend your free time 

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Every so often, we find ourselves spending time with our friends, and we realize that we're not really liking what we do with them and that we do things out of routine. When you spend time by yourself, you get to choose how to spend your time without having to settle for anything that doesn't please you to the core. It's so rewarding. 

Embrace life's unexpected turns 

Life is filled with surprises and wonderful experiences that are out there waiting for you to enjoy them. However, if you stick to your comfort zone and don't wander on your own, you'll never be able to meet all of the wonders that the world out there can offer.  

Lose the fear of traveling alone 

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Perhaps one of the most rewarding and pleasurable activities a person can do is traveling on their own, preferably abroad. When you arrive to a country different than yours on your own, you can discover a whole different way of life and wonders. Nevertheless, you'll never be able to enjoy such a thrilling and gratifying activity if you don't lose your fear of solitude. 

Learn the consequences of your actions 

People who let themselves be drowned in the company of their thoughts and spend time on their own quickly realize that everything they do has a consequence. This is rarely a negative thing. Once you discover the place you hold you'll be able to grasp the infinite possibilities that solitude can offer you. 

Even in the largest of crowds, we need to learn how to be alone. Though it might seem like we have millions of friends, we're all lonely. Yet, it's up to us to decide if we turn our loneliness into solitude and let ourselves grow with it. 

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