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Lego Releases Their Biggest Piece To Date Honoring The Legendary Titanic

Por: María Isabel7 de octubre de 2021

With 9,090 pieces, the Titanic Lego set is the largest to date and it couldn’t be other way.

109 years after its tragic sinking, the Titanic still has that luring effect on new generations. Not only is the movie still considered a great classic, but the real ship is still luring divers and explorers to know more and more about the tragic and ironic ‘unsinkable’ ship.

Today Lego joins the many homages releasing a unique replica that isn’t only extremely intricate and detailed but also is their largest model to date. Although it’s not the set with the most pieces -that title belongs to their classic Art World Map- the Titanic set is definitely the largest model ever released by the iconic brand. 

With 9,090 pieces, the Titanic Lego set measures over 4.5 feet long when it’s fully assembled. Not only that, it has a unique design that will allow customers to really see and understand the engineering work behind the famous Titanic as it breaks into three sections.

As we mentioned, the appeal of this set isn’t only its size and structure, but the many details it contains. To start with, it includes some of the features that made Titanic the most luxurious of its time, like some swimming pools, the famous grand stairs, and the exclusive smoking lounge. Besides that, customers will also be able to marvel at the boiler room, the cargo cranes, and actually functional features like movable anchors and mechanisms that make this set a really unique one.

This gorgeous Titanic set will retail for 630 dollars, a bit pricey compared to other sets, but definitely worth considering the size, the details, and the movable pieces and structure it features. It will be available on November 8 and it promises to be a huge hit. So, if you’re thinking about acquiring this amazing set, you’ve better be prepared to fight for it!

Photos by Lego

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