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Letter To A Loved One Who Passed: I'll Never Stop Keeping Your Memory Alive

Por: Dulce García29 de octubre de 2021

You left very soon, but you will remain forever in the souls of many people.

I don't even know how to start these lines. I still can't believe that you're gone. I have dreamed of you; I miss you too much, and I need your company every day of my life. It's tough, it's actually the cruelest and most ruthless blow I've received so far. I promise you that I will live the rest of my life trying to keep your lessons, memory, and legacy always present. This is for you, a friend who has left too soon.

You had so much to live; your story here on Earth was very brief but intense. Nobody enjoyed the little details like you. From feeling the breeze on your skin, the grass on your bare feet, and a good beer on a hot Sunday. Your face always had a smile that infected anyone who crossed your path.

You were magic in so many ways, but for me, you were much more. I don't know how to define it; I don't even know if someone else could do what you could, but you were definitely a radiant light for my life that illuminated and accompanied many of my steps. We enjoyed afternoons of laughter, various inside jokes, and complicity in raw moments. Whenever I fell, you would pick me up by putting your hand on my shoulder, telling me that you believed in me and how much I could do in life. A simple act for many, brief, and perhaps insignificant, but for me it was gasoline. A rush of adrenaline and good vibes, so that I wouldn’t give up, made me take strength and get up to continue fighting.

I met your family, great and kind. You met mine, and you won everyone's affection instantly. Going out? They would only let me if you went with me. You gave a lot of people peace, even my mom.

You had many plans for the future. A partner, children, own a house, earn a lot of money, buy a great car, grow old smoking, and play together physically or video games, but never give up football. The weekends were ours, many people joined and left, but we were always there. You wanted to grow; you wanted to learn; you wanted to climb as high as possible to the top. I was sure you would, and I would be there to applaud each step, up or down, but always next to you, trying to encourage you to achieve your dreams.

You had completed a few. You had everything: youth, desire, energy, courage... until your light suddenly dimmed out. I remember how I found out. A hole in my stomach, low pressure, and an uncomfortable, loud, repetitive sound in my ear. It couldn't be true, you couldn't leave this world, not you.

What would become of me? I felt as if I was falling into a cold and dark hole. Not you. It couldn't be you. You had so many plans, you were so happy, you had a lot of energy, and yes, you were an important pillar in my life. You couldn't shut down.

I cursed the day you left. I lost count of how many times I blamed myself for not stopping you from being there. You left, but unconsciously I kept writing to you, calling you, and needing you. I stopped eating, my energies dropped to the ground, and I didn't even want to breathe. They were horrible months of enormous pain questioning everything; cursing life.

Then you appeared in my dreams with the sweetest act that you gave me in life. Yes, you knew I was feeling bad. You knew I needed energy, and you came while I was sleeping to take me by the shoulder and, with your warmth, tell me that you believed in me and that you were fine. I woke up crying, sweating, and shaking. You believed in me. You believe in me. I realized that I wasn’t going to spend another day not honoring your life, your name, and your legacy.

I got out of bed, took a bath, had a good breakfast, and began to plan how your glow would remain here on Earth, even if your body was no longer in it.

Since then, my heart is still aching for your absence. But, without a doubt, I have strengthened myself by remembering how you believed in me and my future. I have tried in every act to remember you and keep your legacy always alive. Because, for me, you still are. I miss you very much, very much, and I would have liked to continue sharing great moments with you.

The day of your departure has been the worst of my life, without a doubt, but also the one that has left me the most lessons. You left so quietly, so suddenly. Some part of me accompanied you and went away. But I'm still here, breathing, and seeing the world. Trying to enjoy it as much as you did.

I know that you’re still here, guiding my steps as you always did. I’m also there for you, dear friend, applauding each step that I climb, honoring your life and history. Stay calm, I will watch over your family, who also misses you. I will deliver your daughter to the altar and hug your mother whenever she is saddened by remembering that you are gone.

I love you, respect you, and thank you for the path - long or short - that we had to travel together in life. Here, you are missed a lot, and your memory will never, ever be forgotten.

Translated by Gaby Flores

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