Queer Beauty Gurus That Will Teach You Way Much More Than Makeup

These bloggers will teach you a lot about makeup and the lives of LGBT people.

Those of us who love makeup and have been introduced to the wide world of makeup on social media know that you don’t really watch the tons of tutorials and Instagram stories only for the makeup. In many ways, beauty bloggers have earned the status of “gurus” (although I'm not sure whether the term is actually appropriate) for the way in which they've created a community that aims to do way much more than just teaching people how to do their makeup. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve realized I’ve been watching their videos for over an hour, paying close attention to something I wouldn't do myself. There's also all the times that I get lost watching some of their videos where they talk about their lives and what they’ve been up to.

And that’s the thing: besides the aspirational element that draws us to their lives, we love knowing every single aspect of their lives because we feel like we know them. The fact that they talk directly to us makes us feel as if we were talking to a friend who is giving us amazing advice, regardless of the fact that they don’t really know who you are. But that’s another subject, the idea here is that apart from the amazing makeup hacks and tricks that we love learning, we pay a lot of attention to what they have to say about life and current events. For that reason, I think that the following makeup gurus can give us great lessons on diversity from a more emotional and personal perspective.

Julie Vu

Julie Vu, known on YouTube as PRINCESSJOULES, is a Canadian influencer who explores many different topics in her videos, from her lifestyle and makeup to her travel experiences, and most importantly, her experience as a transgender woman and what her transitioning process has been like. She’s one of those influencers who focus a lot on this aspect of their life, not only to express who she is, but also to show people that being transgender isn’t that big of a deal or something to criticize. She talks about what it’s like to date as a trans person, her sexuality, the hormones, and her sex reassignment surgery, so, basically everything.


Aiden Empire

With his thick beard and long brown hair, Aiden Reynoso is definitely a guru to keep an eye on. After getting very involved with makeup at an early age (even working for a makeup company for free just to learn), and then enrolling in a beauty school, he decided to share his knowledge with the Internet, teaching everyone his tricks and techniques for makeup. He wants to show everyone that the idea of makeup being only for women is outdated nonsense that needs to go. Fortunately, things are changing. Besides YouTube and Instagram, he also has a blog in which he talks about his own life and experiences in relationships as a gay man.

Gigi Gorgeous

Giselle Loren Lazzarato does it all. Besides being a very popular influencer, she’s also an actress and model who has worked with important magazines and celebrities. And that’s not even the most important part of her work; we can't forget about her work as an influencer on social media. Through her channel, besides the great makeup, her videos are personal stories in which she shares her experiences as a transgender woman, her relationship with her girlfriend, and many other important issues that are worth hearing about.


Ingrid Nilsen 

With nearly 4 million subscribers on YouTube, Nilsen has become one of the most popular beauty gurus out there. Besides her amazing reviews of trendy makeup looks, she’s also used her platform to speak about important everyday subjects that she has experienced, including her period, her coming out, her relationships, and even random situations that happen in her everyday life. Her bubbly personality makes it really easy to relate to her and really create a connection with her experiences.

In an ideal world, we wouldn't need to showcase LGBT+ bloggers to help them stand out or simply make them noticeable because we would be simply talking about people who like beauty, regardless of their gender and identity. But sadly, this isn’t an ideal world, so I believe that looking for people who are opening the conversation about gender and equality deserve to be given that spotlight. 


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