6 Things You Should At Least Try To Figure Out Before Youre 30

Although turning 30 doesnt mean you have to be a full grown up, there are some things worth planning for in our lives.

When you get to your mid 20s, it seems as if someone put a huge load on your shoulders that you’ll only be able to get off when you figure out everything in your life. All of us oldies who are getting closer to reaching our 30s have felt this. Well, perhaps not everybody, but those who are navigating modern life as if it were a scientific experiment have. And although, to be honest, most of the time, I don’t really think or get stressed about it, every once in a while, this comes out as a tornado messing up everything in my mind. 

Turning 30 isn’t that crucial or special; it’s not like one day you’re a normal young person, and then automatically, on the day of your birthday, you turn into a responsible adult. This is an outdated social construct, according to which, not that long ago, most people in their thirties had everything figured out, a house of their own, a car, a stable job, and a family. We all know that this has nothing to do with today’s reality, but still, it doesn’t mean we can be living the moment forever. Having said that, these are some of the things you should start thinking about and planning for before you turn thirty to at least know where you want your life to go.

Financial stability

We had to start with the hardest part: money. All of us dream of having great financial stability when we grow up and to be able to enjoy a comfortable life. The reality is that things aren’t that easy right now, and most of us will likely have to work all our lives to maintain a decent quality of life. One thing we should really start doing is saving money. I know it isn’t easy, and we also love spending what we have to actually enjoy life, but believe me, being stressed about money can be one of the hardest things ever.

One of our generational traits is that we love squandering our money. There are months when I really have to count coins to gather what I need to pay for my bills and, to be honest, this isn’t life. What has really worked for me is putting a lock on my paycheck to save for my bills and some extra cash to have something for an emergency, or even the future. There are some bank apps that will help you do that, so you don’t spend it all, or you can try a moneybox. This isn’t that easy because that leaves me with one-third of my paycheck to live for a month, but at least I don’t have to worry that much. 


Professional goals

Although you’ve probably just entered the working life and you’ve taken the best option available, it’s always important to have a professional goal to direct all your efforts and experiences to something in particular. Hopefully, your current job pays you enough to survive and buy everything you need, but do you want to live like that forever? What are you doing professionally to reach the level of life you want and still be content with what you’ve prepared yourself for? I know these might be very stressful questions, but really, that idea that our parents’ generation had of finding a stable job for the rest of our lives isn’t very fulfilling, or a great idea in today’s reality.


Your health

Another thing that we tend to take for granted when we're young is our health. I don't mean that you don’t take care of yourself when you’re sick and just hope to get better miraculously. I’m talking about taking care of our bodies for the future. This includes annual general check-ups, making sure you’re eating properly, and working out regularly. Unfortunately, our body won’t work the same way in the future, and there are so many conditions that can be easily prevented with a healthier lifestyle. It’s just a matter of not neglecting our bodies and introducing more routinary and healthier measures to our everyday life. I promise they won’t take you that much time, effort, or money, and you’ll thank yourself in the future.


Your love life

Well, this one is harder, although it might not look like it right now. Most people (perhaps myself included) have the idea that we will eventually find our soulmate and be happy for the rest of our days. Not to sound that pessimistic, but that’s not a rule, and most people don’t find that ideal person in their lives. Because we’re turning thirty soon, we have to learn how to be more emotionally mature. Starting with what the kind of relationship we want. If you’re interested in having a long-lasting one, then stop dating fuckboys and toxic people that will only prevent you from actually finding that person. This also includes getting over past experiences that end up hurting you.


Family and friendships

Again, along with the idea of being emotionally mature beings, this also has to do with the people we want around in our lives. It’s often said that your family will be the only ones around you when you’re older, but that’s not necessarily a rule. A lot of people don’t have very good bonds with their family, and that doesn’t mean they will be alone in the future. It’s more a matter of knowing who you want around and leaving behind those who don’t really match your goals.


Knowing what makes you happy

Finally, a tip that isn’t that depressing, and the one that’s probably the most important on the list. You really have to know (at least, for now) what makes you happy and how you can make sure you can keep doing it in the future. We tend to have a pre-established list that describes what happiness should be, but in many cases, this might not work for us. Stop following a scripted life and start thinking about and planning for what you want for your future self.


I know this list might sound overwhelming, especially when we’re at a point in our lives when everything is pretty much trial and error. However, as the title suggests, this isn’t really a list to follow meticulously, but just some things that you should start figuring out, so that you don’t end up stressing yourself out in the future. At the end of the day, we only live once, and we don’t really know for how long, so I think that it's best to stay on top of things to actually have time to enjoy our lives.


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