Looks You'll Want To Wear After Watching Stranger Things

The Netflix original series Stranger Things left 5 million people at the edge of their seats as the last scene of the season faded into black. Its fame has skyrocketed and has even surpassed the now iconic Game of Thrones.  Eleven, Joyce, Nancy, among others, warmed the hearts of many, and their eccentric and devil-may-care styles have inspired droves of fashionistas and TV aficionados. 

Anyone who is passionate about fashion knows that many times the clothes that wrap around your body resonate with your personality. It would be bizarre to see Barb with a short dress and killer heels because her personality is demure and conservative, and this is reflected in her classic and discreet outfits. Each of the characters embodied by these great actresses have become cultural references not only in fashion, but in countless other arenas as well that draw inspiration from them.

The series is set in the eighties; in this decade we saw women opt for more freedom in their clothing style. The oversize trend took hold, and the combination of basics with exclusive pieces was in vogue. Many of the elements of this decade have resurfaced, some of the good and the bad, but the women of Stranger Things capture the essence of this decade to perfection in their own, personal way. 

We look at the outfits these characters prefer because in each episode, Nancy, Joyce, Eleven, and Barb sealed their personalities with these staple pieces. Let us remember that style is not a random thing, but a complement to your personality. 



–High waist black jeans 
-Sweater crop top style
–Bomber jacket
-Waist high denim skirt
-Striped tops

Nancy's unique style has made a comeback these past two years and become essential. Flared jeans and bomber jackets are a must and a favorite of artists and fashion bloggers 



-Dark boot cut jeans  
-Symmetrical cotton tops. 
-Oversize jackets 
 Winona Ryder's eccentric and enigmatic personality is always reiterated in her clothes one way or another. Her ruffled hair, natural make up, boot cut jeans, sneakers, and oversize jacket perfectly suit her character. 



-Checkered shirts
-Boyfriend style shirt
-Eighties jacket

While the outfits of Stranger Things's protagonist are quite simple, Eleven embodies the tomboy style in each episode. The checkered shirts look great in our opinion with "mom jeans" (okay, they're not terrible; they have a bad reputation, but if worn correctly they're awesome) or leggings. Her outfits are a perfect foil for her extraordinary abilities. 



-Checkered shirts
-High-necked sweaters and classic tops
–Trench coats

As the series progressed, Barb's look began to be noticed, and we see her choices veer towards more classical and corny choices. Lacy tops, warm colors, bows, and pearl buttons add to her sweet persona. These details are perfect for those who wish to exteriorize their sweeter, more girly side. 

Looks inspired by Stranger Things

Claudia Cándano, editor-in-chief of Elle Mexico dedicated her editorial letter to the September issue of this year to the series. In it she mentions the growth and evolution fashion has experienced in the world of cinema and television. Now, thanks to television, the viewer is able to recognize multiple fashion trends, styles, and looks that are drenched with history, culture, and value. It is noteworthy to take a page from your favorite series and be inspired by the awesome costuming.  

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