The Best Makeup Inspo For Girls With Short Eyelashes

The Best Makeup Inspo For Girls With Short Eyelashes

Lifestyle The Best Makeup Inspo For Girls With Short Eyelashes

All the looks we see on the Internet, movies, and television, include a pair of sultry false lashes to intensify the look the eyes. However, falsies aren't for all of us, here are some tips that will help you achieve that gorgeous look with makeup.

Today’s trend is all about long voluminous eyelashes. All your favorite beauty gurus end their amazing looks with a pair of sultry lashes that give their eyes an extra zest we all love. But what if like me, you’re absolutely incapable of putting these in place, or if you don’t like wearing falsies every day? That’s exactly my case, and after damaging them years ago, I’ve tried everything to make them look long and thick. If you don’t want to spend that much on lashes or you don’t like the look they provide, here are some of the tips that have worked for me in the past years and that will give you a full and sultry look. 

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Curl your lashes

Curling your lashes is essential for people with short eyelashes. These will make them look longer since instead of going downwards, they’ll be up and it'll open your eyes. There are so many ways to curl them but definitely the best, at least for me, is always with the regular curler. If you want to make it more dramatic, you can carefully heat the metallic part so they last for longer, but this isn’t that necessary and it can be a bit hazardous. 


Use Marilyn Monroe’s technique

You don’t have to do that much to your eyelashes to create the illusion of having long lashes. To bring that extra intense look, Marilyn Monroe would draw a little line with a dark eyeshadow right under the lower lash line. This looked as if the lashes were creating a shadow. You can also play with your makeup to give that impression; for instance, go for an intense wing line or use dark shadows. 


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Brush your lashes

Another great tip to make your lashes look longer and that not many people go for, is brushing your lashes before applying anything. By doing this you’ll be separating each hair and so when you apply your mascara it’ll cover each hair instead of creating lumps. 


Prime your lashes

Before mascara, and after brushing your lashes, it’s best to apply some lash primer. Generally, these come in white or light colors that will create a thin coat, covering each hair. Then you can apply a second coat of mascara to dye them and make them look thicker and longer. 


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Find the perfect mascara

Naturally, finding the perfect mascara is essential but it all depends on what you're looking for. There are some amazing ones that leave a coat of product that when dried work as extensions for your lashes which are absolutely amazing, the only thing is that they might end up looking lumpy. My advise is to go for a waterproof mascara if you want lots of volume, however, you really have to spend some time removing it since it can last for days and it can damage your lovely lashes.


Use two different types of wands

Now, to achieve an intense look it’s necessary to apply more than one coat of mascara, that’s a fact. However, I do suggest you use different mascara wands. Use the first one to cover your lashes with two coats of mascara and the second to separate them and to remove any clumps.


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Use dark eyeshadow between layers

Another great tip to create volume and intensity is to apply powders in between coats while the product is still wet. You’ll see tons of videos using a translucent powder to achieve this, however, in most cases, it leaves some evidence behind so it doesn't look so great. I recommend using a black eyeshadow instead and immediately applying another coat of mascara to seal it.


Use short falsies on the outer corner of your eyes

Finally, if you want a more dramatic look, sometimes one can't resist falsies. Now, you don’t really have to wear a full set to achieve a sleek look. Sometimes what our look needs is just something extra and applying short falsies in the outer corners can make your eyes pop. You can find them already packaged that way or if you have a few regular false lashes lying around you can always cut them.


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False lashes can look really great, but it’s also true that they’re not for everybody. However, there’s something true about them, having long and thick eyelashes can really make your eyes look bigger and gorgeous, and the good thing is that there are many ways we can achieve this look without having to glue something on.


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