5 Tips To Achieve The Perfect Makeup When You Dont Have All Your Stuff With You

Youre in a hurry and you forgot your makeup pouch? No problem, I got your back!

There’s an episode in How I Met Your Mother where Robin is about to go on a date with a doctor. Since she's not feeling that first date, she chooses to not shave her legs. But once there she realizes her idea was stupid and that she actually wants to go for it with the handsome doctor. However, she’s ashamed of her legs and doesn’t want him to run away. She’s determined to fix the situation, so she pays the waitress a good amount of money to get her a razor. Long story short, she finds it quite difficult to shave just like that and she improvises with a bar of butter. 

The point of the story is that there are moments when we don’t feel like doing our makeup or just think it’s not worth it, since we haven’t planned something worth of it, but sometimes we just need some hacks to change our looks on the go. Not only that, it has also happened to me that I plan something after work, and after a long day, my makeup just starts smudging and creasing, and I don’t have anything to fix it or retouch it. So, if you’ve been through this and want to know how to create a whole makeup look with random stuff you can get everywhere or want some tips to retouch your ruined makeup, take a look at these hacks.

Use food as makeup

I guess we’ve all seen this viral video of the girl doing her makeup using only food. To be honest I was absolutely impressed, especially because of how flawless it looked. I’m not saying you have to do all that, since it’s kind of obvious she planned it and practiced it for a long time. However, there are certain foods that can actually help you achieve that nice look and that are easily found in any grocery store. You can use any red or dark type of fruit to give some color to your cheeks and lips. You just have to slice it in two, apply the juice on the skin, and leave it until it dries. It will stay for a couple of hours and will give you a very natural look. If you want to be bolder, like in the video, you can even contour with a piece of chocolate or use cocoa powder as bronzer, but I wouldn’t recommend it entirely, because it’s probably your skin will get sticky with the sugar, and if you happen to sweat, it’s going to be messy.


Full face with lipstick

This one is actually my favorite, since you can really do wonders with it. It won’t get you a full makeup look, so don’t think you can use it as foundation and concealer. However, sometimes just some hints of color can give a flawless and unique style anybody can rock, even if they’re not makeup experts. For this look you just need a lipstick in any variation of red. The obvious part of the process is, of course, using it as blush. Just remember lipsticks are way more pigmented than any other cream or powdered blush, so you’ll only need a little bit. Although it feels great putting it directly and even pretending you’re a football player or a warrior, I strongly recommend just putting a little bit on your finger and start blending it. Red eyeliner is currently having a moment, so if you want a bolder look, you can grab a swap or roll a piece of toilet paper to use it as a pencil brush. Use the lipstick to draw the line and you’ll be rocking a very trendy look. You don’t have to put it on your lips if you don’t like a fully monochromatic look, or you can play with colors if, just like me, you love to carry five different lipsticks on your bag.


Fix your makeup with water

Okay, more than creating a makeup look from scratch, this hack is for those who have already made theirs and throughout the day it started fading off. There isn’t any foundation in the industry, and this is absolutely true, that lasts more than 12 hours. I know many brands claim they do, but it’s not true. They might last longer, but you won't look as flawless as the moment you apply it. As time goes by, everything starts smudging and creasing due to the natural oils your skin produces and the bacteria and particles in the air. One great to fix it and retouch your makeup is by using water. Foundation and your cream makeup start drying with time, so if you apply some water on your skin, you can actually start blending everything back in place. Plus, it will give you an extra hydration that will soothe your skin and give you an extra glow.


Contouring with pens?

I know you might be thinking I have already lost it, but I discovered this the other day, and it actually worked quite well. I mean, it wasn’t as blendable and easy to apply as a contour stick or my regular bronzer, but it actually did the trick in a moment of need. So, you’ll need a gel or fountain pen, preferably if it’s brown, but you can actually do with a black one. Please don’t try this with any other color. It won’t work and you’ll look kind of weird. So the trick is this: draw a tiny line on your finger and start blending it with water on your finger. It’ll look similar to a watercolor. Once you’ve achieved this, apply a little bit under the cheeks and start blending fast (you don't want it to dry before it's done). You’ll see that with just a little bit of this you’ll get a nice contouring. You can also apply it on your jawline, and if you’re a more expert makeup artist, you can even try contouring your nose, but that’s up to you. Now, of course, this is an emergency hack, and I don’t really recommend doing this that frequently. Although these aren’t toxic products, I'm not sure they won’t irritate your skin if you apply them so often. You can also use them as eyeliners (not the fountain pen, only gel or ballpoint ones).


Oil as highlighter

Last but not least, highlighter. I don’t know, in the past year if I happen to forget my highlighter, I feel my whole look is somehow incomplete, so if you’re like me, here are a couple ideas to achieve this. In my bag I have a tiny set of eyeshadows and one has a glittery shade I use when I forget wearing my highlighter. Now, believe it or not, oily products can also do the trick of the highlighter. Of course, it won’t look as blinding and shimmering as your normal highlighter would, but it will give the effect of the lights hitting on your skin. If you have some lip balm, you can apply some on your finger and put it where you’d normally apply it. Whenever the light hits, you it will produce a natural and glowing reflection that looks kind of cool. The only advice is not to overuse it. You don’t want to look too greasy and oily.

Obviously these hacks are great for emergencies, and the moment you go for them I swear your mind will start coming with great and alternative ideas. I mean, I have a couple I still have to try out before I recommend them, but I can assure you more will come.


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