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11 dope facts about cannabis that you probably didn’t know

Por: 20 de abril de 2022

Here are some dope facts about cannabis that will make you look like a real pro on this 4:20.

Besides roses, maybe cannabis is one of the most popular plants in the world and, although its flowers are mostly used for its psychoactive properties, in fact, it is more than just a joint. Some plants can be used for making strings or even clothes.

Its presence in human history this plant dates back centuries and has helped in so many ways, however, because it is stigmatized, most of its benefits are still unknown and there are a lot of myths around it.

Here are some dope facts about cannabis that will make you look like a real pro on this 4:20. Didn’t get the reference? Keep reading!

1 The meaning behind 4:20 is simpler than you think

No, it has nothing to do with police codes whatsoever. The meaning behind the 4:20 as a reference for a day dedicated for pot is simpler. It turns out the code name was created by a group f high school students back in 1971.

They used to gather after class at the San Rafael High School in California exactly at 4:20 to have a smoke. Somehow, the code name became popular and well, the rest is history.

2 Cannabis is older than you think

No, it was not invented nor discovered by yuppies. In fact, cannabis is one of mankind’s oldest crops.

For example, about 10,000 years ago, ancient Chinese artists used hemp fibers to decorate pottery and even some scholars believe hemp ropes were used to move the stones for the Easter giants in Chile.

3 The first online sale was pot

And it happened in the early 70s at a University! A group of Standford students used their accounts to log in to the college’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and connect with students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to arrange a cannabis sale.

4 It is not eco-friendly at all

If you are concerned about the environment, then you must forget about marijuana. Just producing 2.2 pounds of it indoors is the same as driving across the U.S five times in a car that gets 44 miles to th gallon, according to a 2021 report by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Letting it grow outside is way sustainable, but slower and seasonal.

5 Hemp is not the same as weed

A tiny genetic change is what makes one psychoactive and that is the cannabis sativa. Hemp plants, which are the same species as marijuana plants, are not able to produce tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, also known as THCA which is the precursor to tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weed.

6 Today’s plants are stronger

Cannabis plants have been modified throughout the years to have a higher amount of THC and make them more psychoactive. Maybe, that is why some elder people recall having lesser effects when they were young and have nothing to do with the age.

7 Cannabis has medicinal benefits

If you have heard about THC and CBD, then you must know that the first substance refers to the psychoactive ingredient in pot; while CBD helps you relax and relieve pain, making it perfect for alternative medicine.

8 It has more than 100 compounds

Yes, THC and CBD are the most popular cannabinoids, however, marijuana has over 120 different compounds and scientists are still researching their use and effects on the human body.

9 George Washington was a grower!

The first President of the United States of America had his own farm of hemp plants that were used to make paper, rope, sail canvas, clothing, and fishing nets.

10 Beer has a lot to do with weed

Beer hops, used to give the beverage its distinctively bitter savor, are in the same family of cannabis plants. Who would have thought it!

11 Uruguay, the promised land

The Latin American country of Uruguay was the first in the world in 2013 to fully legalize everything involved with marijuana: from growing, selling, and consuming it.

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