The App Thats The Most Effective Way To Deal With Creeps Who Want Your Number

Youre in a club and a creep wont stop bothering you unless you give them your number. What do you do? The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline has a solution for you.

You just survived a terrible week and the only thing you want to do is to have some drinks with your friends, talk about nonsense, or maybe just dance your troubles away on the dance floor. That sounds like a plan, isn't it? All of a sudden, just when you're having the best time, a guy approaches you and starts making some small talk, but you're not in the mood nor are interested in hanging out with a random guy, so you politely tell him you're just hanging out with friends. You walk away and you think you managed to get rid of him, but just a few minutes later he's trying once again to hook up with you and his insistence is such that it's becoming uncomfortable. You can’t find any other way to reject him and he doesn’t seem to get the message, so he just gives you one way to get rid of him, and that’s giving him your number. So what do you do?

You could just give him some random number that comes into your mind and this will be over soon. But by doing this, aren't you making him win? I mean, that’s just encouraging this kind of creeps to continue bothering girls they don’t even know and making them believe that a no can be turned into a yes with hard work and insistence. He’ll get the message when he tries to call you or text you, but still, at the moment he’ll believe harassing a woman is completely acceptable because she'll eventually yield.

Bearing that in mind, there’s now a service called The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline that attempts to give a solution to this awful situation. How does this work? The creep keeps insisting on getting your number, but you want him to learn a lesson so you just give him this number instead “(646) 926-6614”. When he dials it later, he will listen to this lovely message: 

“Oh, hello there. If you’re hearing this message, you’ve made a woman feel unsafe and/or disrespected. Please learn to take no for an answer and respect women’s emotional and physical autonomy. K THANKKS.”

Now, knowing how the modern world works nowadays, most people don’t call, so if they try to text you, in a matter of hours, they’ll get the same message in a written form. According to the project, this is a way for you to deal with these people without having an embarrassing and awkward discussion with the guy. This sounds great at first, but the more I thought about it, the less convinced I was about the service.

Isn’t this just the same as giving them a random number? I mean, they'll still get the idea that they succeeded and will probably move to bother and harass another woman. Yes, they get this straightforward message, but just moments later, so I don’t really think it is the best way to make them stop. In my opinion, there’s nothing more effective than confronting this type of people in public. They feed from the illusion of power and how people see them, so if they just get this random message after they’ve already bothered you, that might not mean anything to them. Instead, if you publicly reject them, being very clear that they’re making you feel uncomfortable and that they're harassing you, they’ll probably feel so ashamed because others witnessed it that they might consider no longer doing it out of fear of being publicly backlashed.

They'll probably keep on behaving like this, since a lot is needed to end with these creepy attitudes, but at least I think you’ll feel better if you directly reject someone and tell them what you feel, instead of just waiting for a machine voice or a fixed text to do so. Then again, it’s a personal matter, so if you don’t feel like getting involved in a discussion, but still want them to know they’re being creeps, this service can be a great option for you.


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