A Little Girl Dressed Up Like Kim Kardashian Breaking The Internet

For her school's Halloween contest, this little girl dressed up like Kim Kardashian in her latest Met Gala look. Social Media loved her!

By Javier Cisneros

Halloween is around the corner, and people all over the world are getting their costumes ready to celebrate it. Although Halloween is not part of the Mexican culture, it has been adopted in the country with the characteristic Mexican creativity and humor. This little girl embodied this spirit at her school's Halloween contest by dressing up like Kim Kardashian. Her outfit was so on point that she managed to make the social networks explode. 

Six-year-old Kim Kardashian in Mexico City! 

The type of star costumes have changed and what were once witches, little devils and ghosts have been extinguished to give way to the fun and comical creativity of Mexicans.  Such is the case of this girl, an elementary school student in Mexico City, who for her school's costume contest had the brilliant idea of dressing up as the controversial celebrity, Kim Kardashian, with the outfit she wore this year at the Met Gala. 


Completely covered in black from head to toe, this girl's photo was uploaded to her school's Facebook page getting over thirty thousand reactions and more than seven thousand shares. She also managed to make these platforms explode and get the affection of all users, who although they did not know her, went on to leave positive comments. 

'Give her the crown already!'

In just four days, this girl got more than two thousand comments of support, where people are asking the school for her to be the winner of the contest, for her great creativity and fun choice of costume.


Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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