Why Mexico Is The Latin American Hope At Russia’s Football Cup

Not to sound cocky, but after an amazing victory over Germany, Mexico might have positioned itself as a real contender in this Football Cup!

The second round of the Group stage isn’t over yet, and it looks like, out of the eight Latin American countries participating, only three have some chances of going to the next round. But this Cup isn’t like any other, at least in recent times. This time, the all-time favorites are having a really hard time trying to qualify for the next round, while teams that usually don’t perform that well or that don’t even participate that much at these events are showing what they’re capable of. The three Latin American teams with great possibilities are Uruguay (who has secured its place in the Knockout stage with 6 points), Brazil, who isn’t playing as masterfully as it's expected from them, and Mexico, who surprised the world by doing the unimaginable, defeating the current world champion with a magnificent goal.

So, why do we think that Mexico is the Latin American hope for the Cup? Well, we might be a bit biased since it’s our team, but let’s try to break this down a bit and take a look at the math. Though only two of our eight teams are basically out (Peru and Costa Rica can’t really do anything to qualify), and many still have to play their second match, things aren't looking good for them. For instance, Argentina only has one point after tying their first match against Iceland and losing terribly against Croatia, who scored 3 goals. Apart from them, Panama and Colombia don’t seem to have much of a chance against their next rivals (although Colombia might have a small chance, if they win their upcoming game against Poland, who isn’t doing that great).

So, we have Brazil and Mexico. The former seems to have a good chance of going to the next phase, since they’re ahead in their group with four points and they're going against Serbia in second place with three points. Now, Mexico is playing their second game against South Korea next Saturday, but they pretty much passed victoriously their most difficult match. So, if they win this one, they would become the lead team of their group and would be facing (according to my calculations) either Brazil (if they pass in second place of their group) or Switzerland (again, these are my guesses). Since I strongly believe that Brazil will do their best to keep their lead, Mexico would go against Switzerland with a lot of probabilities to pass, for the first time in their history, to the next phase.

Of the three teams (Uruguay, Brazil, and Mexico), Mexico might be the one who has had a better performance in the Cup with direct and clean passes, a great defense, and an extraordinary set of front players that might be giving us the Cup we’ve always wanted. The spirits are high, the technique is there, we just have to keep on doing that great job against South Korea and Sweden, and we might become the team to keep an eye on. So, let's dress in green, white, and red, and hope this happens!


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