Heres How Michelle Obama Is Beating Beyoncé In Ticket Sales

It may sound surprising, but Michelle Obama is in fact beating superstars like Beyoncé in ticket sales for her upcoming book tour.

In a virtual world filled with viral videos and pop stars, it’s an interesting twist to watch a former first lady actually compete with the most famous celebrities out there. Sure, Michelle Obama is basically a celebrity in her own right, but it’s still refreshing that, for her coming book tour, she’s filling arenas faster than many rock stars ever would. And how could she not! Surely, we can all agree on the greatness of her charm, unparalleled likability, and sheer coolness—a feature irrefutably shown through her awesome dancing skills!

Michelle Obama is set to begin a book tour on November for the presentation of her upcoming memoir, Becoming. She will be visiting 10 cities throughout what were originally supposed to be 10 specific dates to which, due to overwhelming demand, two more were added. To give you an idea of her popularity, just minutes after opening ticket sales on a Friday morning last month, most of the tickets had sold out for the first date, and by the afternoon, virtually no tickets were left at all. On the amazing fan reaction, Obama tweeted that she was “humbled by the response,” adding she couldn’t wait to share Becoming with the public.

There are many reasons to love Michelle Obama. After all, she represents the class and prestige that is deeply associated with the Office of the First Lady of United States, fulfilling a role not many are able to handle in such a spectacular way. She has become a role model for women, actively advocates awareness across several social issues including education, nutrition, poverty, and human rights, and is rightly considered a fashion icon.

That goes a long way to explain how the former first lady has become so popular. The demand for tickets, which ranged in price from $29.50 to special packages of $500 (not counting the VIP packages, which sold for over $2,500), was too high for venues such as the United Center in Chicago, The Forum in Los Angeles, and Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. Some Twitter users actually complained that “getting Michelle Obama tickets was more difficult than getting Beyoncé tickets,” which is certainly an amazing feat considering Beyoncé is one of the most successful artists of all time.

It is rare, at best, for book tours to perform as well as concerts, especially when it comes to filling arenas. And Beyoncé did fail to sell out a joint tour with Jay-Z earlier this year. In this sense, Obama has effectively beaten the famed pop star. High-priced tickets are difficult to promote, yet Michelle Obama managed to market her VIP packages, some of which sold for up to $3,000. These packages offered the chance to sit on the front row, meet the former first lady, go home with a signed copy of her book, and included a special VIP gift. So, you can see why they would be attractive. Still, not many have $3,000 to spare!

Everything indicates that Michelle Obama’s book tour will be a massive success, and we’re glad. Hopefully the public will get their money’s worth and go home with a smile on their face after seeing one of the most iconic figures in America do what she does best: charm audiences with her wit, intelligence, and class.

The book will be released on November 13, 2018.


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