13 Illustrations That Show Why Adulting Is Every Millennial’s Struggle

October 19, 2018

|Hugo Marquez
millennial adulting struggles

We were all excited to become adults and experience freedom and financial liberty. Yet, the truth is that we find ourselves facing these typical adulting struggles, as depicted in these 13 illustrations.

I wish my dad had warned me about the not-so-cool "perks" of adulting. At the beginning, those college years away from home, that I could only describe as my "golden years," were my chance to experience freedom and financial liberty (sponsored by my parents' money), which allowed me to do as I pleased. But those were my late teens and early twenties. And everything was joy, and fun, and love until one day someone got hurt. That someone was me. I received "the" call: "son, we're cutting you off. Get a job." Ever since, adulting has been a daily struggle. Some days are good, and I feel like I nailed it; others are just a reminder that I wish someone in college would have given a lecture on "How To Master The Art Of Adulting And Not Die Trying." It'd have been a better seminar than "Literary Criticism For Beginners."

As I'm officially on the brink of my thirties –a thing I used to fear but now have come to embrace (or rather accepted with resignation)–, I still cannot figure out how to properly adult. Whenever I think I have finally mastered something real adults do, like taxes, life comes along with a harder test. Some things are just a matter of stepping out of my comfort zone, while others are incredibly hard to deal with (I'm talking about personal experiences). There is a sweet satisfaction when you overcome the most difficult tasks, but still, the most mundane of them all are a daily struggle. That's why I give you thirteen tips through these illustrated situations made by artist @murrzstudio about our daily struggles to adult.

The force is with me!!!

...unless we're talking about getting out of bed before 7:00 am. Yeah, my day begins with the never-ending battle between my will to live and my inner monologue, which I like to call: "10 Creative Ways To Make Excuses And Still Keep Your Job."

millennial adulting struggles 1

Find A Reason To Get Out Of Bed

It could be your significant other, doing what you love, or maybe even the possibility to make the world a better place. What's my reason, you might be wondering? Well, my reason to get out of bed is a little more... financial.

millennial adulting struggles 2

I Am A Strong Independent Person Who Doesn't Need Anyone

Ever since I moved out of my parents' house (it's been ten years already), I've become a strong independent person who doesn't need to ask anyone for help because I can do everything myself. (Still, my sore arms could do with an extra hand when it's time to get the groceries).

millennial adulting struggles 3

Fight Like A Tiger Even At Your Most Vulnerable Moments

I don't let anyone try me, so why would I let some stupid bug disturb my most sacred moment?

millennial adulting struggles 4

Always Have Your Own Back

At 9, 19, or 29... Apparently, this irrational fear is here to stay.

millennial adulting struggles 5

Life Gives Its Hardest Battles To The Toughest Soldiers

Nothing will ever test what you're made of until you run out of toilet paper... while home alone.

millennial adulting struggles 6

Friends Are God's Way Of Taking Care Of Us

Or in my case, "friends are God's way of testing my willpower."

millennial adulting struggles 7

Prioritize Your Passions

Mine is to be able to ask for an Uber with 5% percent battery.

millennial adulting struggles 8

Choose Your Battles

I've been telling myself this since the summer of 1995.

millennial adulting struggles 9

Don't Be Afraid To Reinvent Yourself

Even if it's only make-believe.

millennial adulting struggles 10

Accept The Fact That Beauty And Self-Acceptance Come From Within

Even though Instagram says no.

millennial adulting struggles 11

Don't Be Afraid To Make A Fool Of Yourself

But some limits every now and then never hurt anyone.

millennial adulting struggles 12

Let Your Emotional Scars Make You A Better Version Of Yourself

I guess mine turned me into the my best and most cynical self.

millennial adulting struggles 13

Sometimes It's Better To Let Go

I tell myself that five minutes right before my mental breakdown comes as a result of my procrastination.

millennial adulting struggles 14

millennial adulting struggles 15

Don't get me wrong, these last few years as an adult have been amazing. I have had the chance to grow and learn from the experiences that have come my way. Also, my friends, coworkers, and family have helped me out in the struggle it is to be a millennial with no concrete idea of how to become an adult. So, the only real and practical advice I can give you is to take life as an adventure, and make sure you have fun along the journey.


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Hugo Marquez

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