Morgan Freeman Joins The List Of Sexual Predators In Hollywood

Morgan Freeman Joins The List Of Sexual Predators In Hollywood

Lifestyle Morgan Freeman Joins The List Of Sexual Predators In Hollywood

This proves that, if proven guilty, even "God" has to be held accountable for his actions.

Earlier this week, actress Asia Argento used her appearance at the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival to denounce that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein in 1997. However, that wasn’t the most important denouncement she made in her speech. She already knows that Weinstein’s career is over after the many accusations of rape and harassment against him, so, the important part was when she looked at the audience and said that some people in the audience still have to be “held accountable for their conduct against women.” She added that they know who they are and that women won’t allow them “to get away with it any longer.” 

Now, this is a very powerful and brave statement that reminds us that the issue is not over, that although awards season might be over, and the space to denounce these crimes might not be under the spotlight, but women are no longer willing to be silent after the many instances of abuse they’ve experienced. Well, just a couple of days after this important speech, today we woke up to the news that one of the most beloved actors in the industry, Morgan Freeman, was accused by eight women of sexual harassment and misbehavior. 

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Bruce Almighty (2003)

The allegations against the 80-year-old actor come after he was honored earlier this year with a Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, and was present at this year's Golden Globes ceremony (an event taken over by the #metoo movement), and they include verbal and physical harassment that range from despicable comments about women’s bodies, to even trying to lift one of their skirts and inappropriate touching.

In a statement made by Freeman, he apologized for the allegations, claiming that it had never been his intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable or disrespected. Now, clearly, if he said this, it’s because he’s accepting the allegations, but even if it wasn’t his intention, he actually did it, and no, asking women if they’re “wearing underwear” or how much he'd love to be inside them is just not acceptable.

Since the news started to appear in the morning, I’ve seen all kinds of comments about the matter. From those who, like me to be honest, feel disappointed about his actions, to some (who really need some lessons on what consent is) that claim that we shouldn’t make such a big deal about it since he didn’t actually rape or force anyone to do something they didn’t want. Yes, harassment isn’t the same as rape, but that doesn’t mean it’s correct, or that we should put up with it.

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Yes, Morgan Freeman is a living legend in Hollywood. I mean, come on, he’s God. But people in power really need to realize that they don’t have any right over anybody else, and that their status doesn't mean they can do whatever they want, even if it’s not “as severe as rape.” More importantly, it’s time for something to be done. Since all the #metoo accusations started coming out, many careers have ended, but is it enough? Shouldn’t the people accused go to prison for their crimes? This movement isn’t over, and it’s not just an awards season trend: all of these cases have to go court, and as Argento said in her speech, all those who think this is over and that they managed to get away with their actions still have to face the consequences of their acts.


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