The Biggest Myth About Smaller Penises That You Need To Ditch Already

The Biggest Myth About Smaller Penises That You Need To Ditch Already

Important question. Do you think size does matter? Be honest!

One of my best friends has a superpower. No, this isn’t anything like Karen Smith’s boobs having a sixth sense telling her when it’s already raining. This actually works, or at least it has never failed. According to her, she can tell the size of a guy’s penis just by looking at his skin type. I know, this doesn’t sound so legit, I used to think the same, but she can actually tell. It all started in high school. We were talking about guys who we thought was cute. Well, then more people joined the conversation, and we ended talking about people we've dated or seen naked. They asked my friend her opinion to see whether she could guess the size of a guy's penis, and in all five cases, she guessed them properly. First I thought my friend casually got it right and these girls just wanted to brag about these guys. Well, let me tell you that I was able to actually confirm two of her guesses, and I was shocked. Now, I said she has a superpower, not that it's useful, because as you grow up you realize that the size isn’t really important to have a pleasant sexual encounter.

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Somehow, when we talk about body positivity and people’s insecurities, we tend to focus on women, and that’s because most of the pressure is set on them. But we barely think about the pressure we put on guys regarding the size of their penis. The little anecdote I told you is a great example of this. I mean, we were sixteen and we were already discussing these things, instead of more important aspects of guys and relationships. As we grow up we’re told that in order to experience our sexuality to the most it’s indispensable for a guy to have a big penis. But is it really that important?

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If you search on the internet and take a look at articles regarding the subject, you’ll be surprised by the amount of information about it. However, you’d be more surprised to see there are almost no sources telling guys they shouldn't worry about this matter.

Actually, I found tons of stories of women talking about lame and unsatisfactory sexual experiences with guys with small penises. I’m not only talking about blogs. I mean these were also mainstream media sites were women are encouraged to talk openly about their sexuality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m up for that, and I think it’s vital for us to talk about what we like and we don’t, but honestly, most of these articles had a shaming tone, which is basically the core of the issue.

According to urologist Kevan R. Wylie (Royal Hallemshire Hospital) and Ian Eardley (St. James Hospital), the number of men presenting small-penis syndrome has increased dramatically in the last decade. This is not an actual physical condition but a psychological one that causes anxiety in men who believe their penis is too small even when it isn’t. If you ask me, those numbers are mostly related to all that unreliable information on the internet, the jokes, and all the comments that lead people to think that having a small penis is the worst thing ever.

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This isn’t only a matter of self-esteem, but a serious issue that’s pushing men, from a quite young age, to endure painful and risky plastic surgeries to enlarge their penis, most of which end in terrible deformations. So more than helping them gain security on their own bodies, they’re actually making things worse. If you ask me, the worst part is that it’s an absolutely nonsensical thing to worry about. I mean, sexual pleasure can be reached through many things, and the size of a guy’s penis isn’t determinant to achieve it. Having a huge package is of no use if you don’t really know how to use it. This is more a matter of technique than size, and I bet many will agree with me in this matter.

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So, why do we keep putting so much pressure to keep a stupid myth alive? Why is there so much information on how awkward it is to have sex with someone with a small penis? This theme affects people's confidence, and silly conversations like the one I had with my friends don’t work at all to shatter these foolish and ignorant perceptions on sexuality. Instead, let's talk honestly about how the size isn't as important and that this isn’t but a myth created to idealize a type of body when there’s a whole diversity out there with the same way of functioning.


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