True or False: Are these beauty treatments actually beneficial, according to science

We love a good self-care session but pricey or popular are not always the same as effective. If you don’t believe us, then these next beauty treatments will serve as the perfect example for that.

The insatiable desire for beauty is a normal instinct in the human race and some people are willing to do whatever they are told to in order to achieve their best appearance. From very expensive treatments to a bunch of home-made remedies, there are so many beauty myths that sometimes we don’t really bother to understand its basic functionality before layering them onto our bodies, and then, when the results are not what we expected, we wish so bad to go back in time before actually having that really bad experiences.

Of course, it is always a good idea to do conscious research into whatever we want to apply to our bodies but overall, there are some beauty treatments that no matter your skin, hair, or body type, have been scientifically proven to not be your best alternative. Because of this, here we have our top 5 beauty products whose use has been disproved by science and therefore you must reconsider if you want to continue investing in them.


Eye cream in a jar

There are so many different eye creams in the market and it could get pretty hard to choose which one would bring the most benefits to your under-eye skin. We pay close attention to which brand we trust, as well as all the ingredients that each specific formula contains, but have you ever thought about the actual packaging?

Well, it turns out that since your under-eye skin is one of the most sensible parts of this organ, you should pay special attention to what it is you apply to it and how you apply it. In this case, eye creams in a jar are not the best alternative since they allow more bacteria and oxygen to get into the product and that could have counterproductive effects on you.


Each time you open that little cap to use your product, bacteria from the environment or your fingers get into the cream and at the same time, it oxidizes in a way that slowly loses its valuable properties. Because of this, you should prioritize buying eye creams that come in a tube and even with an actual applicator on its tip so that you skip putting it on your fingers and add unnecessary bacteria to your skincare.

Contraceptive pills in shampoo

Hair loss is a huge struggle for both men and women in general. There are so many products and treatments that assure to fight this issue either for a highly considerable price or for a very cheap one that you can even DIY, but all of them should be tried under your own risk of not seeing any results just wasting your money.


For example, some people say that mixing crushed birth control pills with your usual shampoo will help you strengthen the hair since the actual problem is mostly due to hormonal imbalances in our bodies (more specifically the lack of testosterone). But this has been proven to be completely false since you can’t actually modify your hormones epidermally.

Instead, try avoiding stressful situations that promote hormonal imbalance, have a better diet, and talk with a hair specialist before applying these home remedies.


Toothpaste for acne

Although it does have some anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the baking soda, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol that it contains, it is not a miracle product that will magically disappear pimples and blackheads without failure.

The truth is that toothpaste, as its name says, is not meant to go in your skin as a remedy because it could actually irritate your skin and clog your pores, in the long run, more than benefit it. Each time we apply this product on top of a pimple, despite drying it up, the formula also dries the skin around it that doesn’t really need treatment and then irritates it in a way that could aggravate the problem, cause more scars, and cost more money than it originally needed to.


Keratin hair treatment

One of the most popular treatments to reduce frizz and facilitate the styling of your hair on an “everyday” basis can also do more damage than good in some cases. In the end, this is a chemical alteration to your hair that promises to repair, nurture and provide shine to it but like every product out there, it can work differently on each person.

Some keratin bases contain formol, which is a highly toxic chemical that helps smooth the hair but at the same time, is also very aggressive for your scalp, skin, and overall health. It can cause irritation, watery eyes, the total damage to your hair, and even cancer in the long run; that is why some countries have legislated a hazard alert over these types of treatments and now it is easier to find these same products without this hazardous chemical in it.


Sheet Masks

The ultimate synonym of skincare can also be included in this list mainly because of a common misconception.

When you follow your usual skincare routine and start applying a bunch of products on your face so that it sinks in all their benefits, the only thing you really have control over is the order in which you apply them and the way you feel while doing it. It is not up to you how your skin reacts to certain formulas, how fast you can see results, or even how long it takes to absorb everything, and therefore it is important to note that in this case, sheet masks aren’t better than regular potted masks.


Some people believe that this type of skin care product is better than their other presentation because of the actual paper or cloth that keeps the product “tight” to the skin and helps it absorb it better and faster, but this statement is actually wrong. Experts have proven that the skin always takes its time to absorb whatever they need no matter what other elements you use to enhance the process, so then sheet masks, despite their skincare properties, are not preferable over regular face masks and it could even be considered that they create more waste than the rest.

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