Myths That Keep You From Enjoying Your Sex Life To The Fullest

Myths That Keep You From Enjoying Your Sex Life To The Fullest

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By: Julieta Sanguino

April 3, 2017

Lifestyle Myths That Keep You From Enjoying Your Sex Life To The Fullest
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By: Julieta Sanguino

April 3, 2017

In the first three or four years after starting puberty, we become aware of the mystery that sexuality really represents for us. Sex education is taught at school through unrealistic models and concepts that ultimately get lost in our memories. What we really want to do is experiment —touch, kiss, and learn as much as possible about our bodies and what gives us pleasure–, but in a practical way... We don't want anything to do with theory, that can wait.

That's how we gradually become aware of the potential dangers we can face in our daily sex life: All of a sudden, we start to notice our friends having loads of children, experiencing burning sensations "down there," or putting into practice some of the dumbest abortive or contraceptive methods.

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We usually follow advice from our sexually active friends and acquaintances, but we don't question how effective and safe are these beliefs are. They occasionally bring up like "herbal abortion methods," "not using a condom during period," or "not taking contraceptive pills because they make you gain weight." If you still believe in one or more of these statements, I recommend you to keep reading...

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Coitus interruptus is an effective contraception method

When a stable relationship becomes long-term, many people decide to stop using condoms, but this doesn't mean you can overlook hormonal contraceptive methods. Many couples think that coitus interruptus, which consists on pulling out the penis from the vagina before ejaculation, is enough. It can work out, but it is far from being 100% effective.

Pre-ejaculatory fluid is likely to contain sperm, especially if you previously had intercourse. So, even if it seems as affective as condoms, this is really hard to tell.

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Herbal abortion methods are great at preventing pregnancy

Tea made from so-called "abortifacient" herbs like parsley, cinnamon, rue, pennyroyal, black or blue cohosh, or marjoram may sound like a good household remedy to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. But reality is different, let's take rue as an example. This herb contains oils that can damage the kidneys and liver, and most of the times it doesn't work. It's the same with the rest of herbs mentioned above. They do much more harm than good. The harm is caused by the toxicity of their natural components, which surpasses any abortive effectivity they could possibly have.  

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It's easy to tell if your partner has STIs

Indeed, there are some infections that we can detect at first sight, but there are also others that require medical tests. Even those that are visible to the naked eye might not show symptoms until several months after sexual intercourse.

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It's easy to tell when a woman is sexually active because her hips get wider

Being sexually active won't make your hips get wider, and certainly not to the point that others will notice whether you're sexually active or not. What actually happens is that ovulation, rise in estrogen levels, or the influence of contraceptive pills –that is, hormonal changes–  can make hips get a little bit wider. 

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Sex can help you lose calories

After intense sex  you may end up exhausted due to the vigorous workout you just had. This may lead you to think that you no longer need to exercise or eat healthy, but actually sexual activity only helps burn few calories. It is not enough to substitute a workout routine and a healthy lifestyle. According to researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, you can burn a mere amount of 3.5 calories per minute, which can vary depending on each person's body and the intensity and duration of sex.

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Circumcision does not affect the amount of pleasure you get
Though many would dismiss this matter as irrelevant, it's true that circumcised men are more sensitive to touch than those who aren't because the penis is layered by the gland and is not used to touching and rubbing. However, the duration of sex activity can increase in uncircumcised men, as they can delay ejaculation.

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Wearing two condoms at once will enhance pregnancy  prevention

This is one of the most dangerous myths out there. This is actually the worst thing you could do, since this would increase the friction between condoms during intercourse and make them more likely to rip or tear.

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Men can only feel pleasure with ejaculation

It may seem like ejaculation is a synonym for orgasm and vice-versa, but this isn't always the case. There are times when ejaculation comes without an orgasm and only as a body reflex. This might happen when the moment is ruined by external factors or lack of mental connection.

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The vagina gets more and more wider as you continue to have sexual intercourse throughout your life

Hungarian psychotherapist Ava Cadell assures the vaginal wall expands during every sexual encounter but goes back to its original shape once it is over. Arousal makes the vagina expand, but the first time a woman has sex the opposite effect can happen due to tension or nervousness. The vaginal wall loses elasticity with age, so Kegel exercises can help maintain tone and strength. 

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Contraceptive pills make you gain weight 

Although this is likely, not all women gain weight. It's true that there's always someone with a horror story to tell, but according a study made by the National Library of Medicine, hormonal contraception doesn't have a big impact on weight, and when it happens, it is because of possible side effects that depend on every woman's body. This study also states that there is no link between hormone dosage and weight gain. 

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Penetration is necessary to have a fulfilling sex experience

There are many ways and other types of sex besides penetration to reach climax. Also, there are other important elements to consider in order to live a fulfilling sexual experience, such as kisses, caresses, and intimate contact, which sometimes can bring a greater emotional fulfillment than penetration.

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Anal sex is disgusting

For centuries, anal sex has been a taboo, probably because it excludes reproduction and conception, and is regarded as an homosexual practice. Actually, anal sex is as valid as any form of sexual practice like oral sex or penetration. What's really important here is to have adequate protection and enough lubrication.

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It's not possible to get pregnant during period

During your period the possibilities of getting pregnant decrease to a minimum, but it's still possible. According to Dr. Roger Pierson, Director of Research in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences in the University of Saskatchewan, ovulation can take place in different ways and moments, even during menstruation.

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