Natural Tricks That Will Make Your Eyebrows Look Fuller

The ultimate eyebrow trend is having full, natural brows that frame our features. To get this look, you don't need any makeup, just natural products. Find here how to grow natural eyebrows.

The Ancient Greeks sought balance and beauty in everyday life, and this had a lot to do with their eyebrow style. There’s little information about how men’s eyebrows were supposed to look, but when it came to women, there were clear rules. The goal was full, dark, and natural because the ideal woman was too “smart” to waste her time on something as trivial as eyebrows. In fact, many records from the time reveal that the ideal resembled closely what we’d call a unibrow these days. However, there was a big difference between what Ancient Greek men said women were supposed to do, and what women actually chose to do. So, many women plucked away, while others achieved the coveted “natural” look by artificial means, darkening their brows with incense, charcoal, and even soot. 

These days, natural unibrows are not as popular as they were in Ancient Greece, but most people still want to have full, thick eyebrows. Now, if you’re one of these people who were not genetically blessed with bold eyebrows à la Cara Delevigne, there’s no need to despair. There are dozens of natural remedies that, if used regularly over a period of time, will stimulate the growth of your eyebrows, making them look fuller and darker. The key is to choose the right kind of product for your skin type (so you don’t get any allergic reactions) and to be consistent. After some time, your discipline will pay off, and you will have better eyebrows than a beauty vlogger.


How to grow natural eyebrows 

Oils are your eyebrows' best friend. If you do a quick search on the internet, you’ll find countless oils being promoted as the magical oil that will make your eyebrows grow like Hagrid’s overnight. This promise is only half true: oils are indeed very helpful if you want to make your eyebrows grow more, but there is no “miracle” oil that works better than the others. You just have to choose your favorite, and stick to the routine: 

  • Wash your face and dry it with a towel.
  • Apply the oil, so it covers your entire eyebrows, using a cotton swab or the pads of your fingertips.For best results, leave the oil on overnight and wash it off in the morning. If you can’t leave it on for so long, 20-30 minutes are enough for it to work.
  • Do this every day, or as many days of the week as you can, and you will see results after a few weeks.

    Choose your favorite oil

    If you’re an essential oil fiend, you probably have your favorites already and know exactly what each one of them does. However, if you’re just starting to discover the world of benefits of oils, stick around. The five best for stimulating eyebrow growth are:

    Castor oil

    Castor oil is rich in fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin E, which have great benefits for your hair and skin. When it comes to hair, it’s often used to promote growth, and this can apply to your eyebrows as well. This oil penetrates down to your skin easily, so it's the best to make your eyebrows look full and rich. Use this every day to help moisturize and nurture the follicles, while helping prevent hair loss thanks to its ricinoleic acid properties. You just have to apply a couple of drops, massage, and let it sit for half an hour, so it can do its work. Wipe it off and wash your face with warm water. 


    Coconut oil

    Using coconut oil a couple of times a week will help thicken each hair and make your brows look fuller. What usually happens is that your hair needs proteins to look healthy, but not getting the proper care can increase the chance of weakening the follicles and hairs and eventually produce hair loss. Since coconut oil is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, it helps nourish the hair and follicles. It’s also great for repairing and preventing damage to the hair. Apply it on your eyebrows, and let it sit overnight. In the morning, wash your face as you do normally.

    Olive oil

    Olive oil contains a high amount of vitamins A and E, which are great for hair growth. While vitamin E nurtures each strand and follicle, vitamin A will help stimulate the production of natural sebum that promotes hair growth. You can use this one once a day (I’d choose either castor and olive oil to let them work properly) by applying, massaging, and leaving it on for thirty minutes.


    Tea tree oil

    If you have resorted to makeup, while your eyebrows reach their natural potential, this oil will be your best friend. Makeup, as you know, can clog your pores if you don’t wash it off properly. Tea tree oil can help you with that thanks to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that will leave your follicles clean, promoting healthy hair growth. This oil is very concentrated, so it’s recommended that you mix it with any carrier oil, and also test it first on your arm to make sure it doesn’t provoke an allergic reaction. Use this one overnight after washing your face.

    Sometimes we tend to neglect our eyebrows, believing that they are strong enough to resist even when we put them under a lot of stress when trying to rock the latest eyebrow trend. However, the way our eyebrows look can have a big impact on our face, and I really believe that full natural brows are definitely one of the best features to have.


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