Forget About Your Boring Cat-Eye, Here Are The New Eyeliner Trends To Follow This 2018

There are so many new tools and makeup products to create bold and innovative looks that makes the cat-eye look so dull and boring.

Makeup has always been an important statement throughout history for so many reasons. For decorative, class differentiation, protective, performative, or simply beauty purposes, makeup in its different forms has been a constant in almost every culture and civilization throughout time. But what about eyeliner? We all picture those majestic Egyptian paintings and sculptures portraying deities and royals with their amazing and pronounced black lines. But believe it or not, this was mainly a statement that the western world didn’t really discover until the last century. I mean, women, mainly, did use some products on the eyes to make them look wider, especially in the lash line, but that sleek and sharp line we all love so much is believed to have been introduced until the nineteen twenties when Tutankhamun's grave was discovered. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Well, from that moment on, the classic cat-eye look has been a constant in beauty. But don’t you think it’s been too long for us basically wearing the same look? I mean it’s been almost a century! It’s a fact that the beauty world has changed and so many different trends have appeared in the past years, we now rock extremely bold and colorful shadows or crazy lip colors, but if you think about it we’re still faithful devotees of that cat-eye that, somehow it seems kind of boring now considering the many options we have right now. So, with that in mind, I started a research on original, fashionable, and more importantly, wearable eyeliner trends and looks that will bring your unique and fast-forward style to a new level. 

Parallel lines

One of the trends that are coming since last year is going beyond the normal rules of eye makeup. We’ve seen so many looks going very deep above the crease area which wasn’t something that common before. This particular style makes use of this trend to create a very solid, sharp, and bright line that creates a nice contrast with the regular line shape we’re accustomed. Besides that, what makes this look so alluring is the intensity of the red color and the ombre, smoky effect carefully placed in the right place not to mess with that sleek crease cut (for that effect use a concealer to clean the fallout of the shadows and create that sharp line). Imagine this look with other bright colors like royal blue or an electric purple!


Bizarre multicolored line

Why do you have to follow the natural lines of your eyes when you can create your own unique shape? This is a look I’m obsessed with basically because I find it extremely bold but at the same time quite subtle. You don’t need to wear that many layers of shadows to create amazing intricate looks. As you can see, here she’s playing with two contrasting hues to create a sleek thick line that, even when it isn’t placed where we would normally do our eye line, ends up making the eye look more elongated and wide.


Crease cat-eye

I know I said that we should start forgetting about the cat-eye look, and I stand by it. But what I mean is that we should start being riskier and adapt that classic look into something innovative and daring like this. It’s clear that it’s following the idea of the cat eye but basically, this is taken from the spot we usually do it. Besides I love that it has a subtle white contour that cuts quite nicely with the contrasting shadow color.


Double cat-eye

So, following the idea of adapting and evolving the cat-eye, this look is something that’s extremely different to what we’re used to but at the same time quite wearable on a daily basis. The idea here is creating a thick line under the eye and bring it upwards to create the effect of the cat-eye. At the same time, for this look, we can see basically the same line but reflected throughout the crease. If you look closely you can see that these lines don’t even touch but create a nice elongated effect in the eye. I’d definitely try this with other colors or even contrasting for a party look.


Contouring line

I’m also obsessed with this look, not only does it have the cutest color combination (I mean that bright pink with the turquoise line is amazing), it brings something new to the table. The idea here is to create a bold eyeshadow with a bright color that will contrast with a thin, yet very strong line contouring the eye. You know how they say that the Devil is in the details. Well for me what brings the whole look together is that very thin and subtle line right in the upper lash line combined with the one in the water line; it creates a very nice effect.


Multiple lines

Well, if you were looking for something extremely different you’ll love this. Again, as you might have seen, this makeup artist is characterized by her bizarre and subtle looks and this one is not the exception. It’s so simple that it definitely stands out. You just have to create several lines from your natural crease arch to a determined point (it’s a matter of preference if you want to make them longer). Combine this with a bold lip color and you’ll be ready to rock.




This one might take you a bit longer than the other looks but it looks simply mesmerizing! You’ll just need a very thin brush and go where you’d normally make your classic cat-eye. I love how she plays with different shades of purple and blue but also with the size of the dots. Perhaps for me, the eyeshadows are a bit too much, I’d probably go for more neutral or lighter colors, or actually no shadows at all, but I think this is really a beautiful and innovative idea.


Contrasting lines 

This one evokes that ancient Egypt looks in a very modern and beautiful way, isn’t it? The idea is to create your normal cat-eye with a nice color and then a line (see that this isn’t really going right under the lash line) under the eye that connects with the other. To make it bolder she created three different strokes to make it more interesting. To finish the whole look, with a different and contrasting color she created a line in the crease cut. I’d match this with a nude lip or a color that contrasts and combines nicely with the other colors.


As you can see these are very talented and skilled makeup artists that are revolutionizing makeup trends and looks with their innovative and unique bold statements. It might take some practice for us that aren’t that skilled as them but these are beautiful sources of inspiration we can adapt to our own style.


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Images by @greta_ag and @makeupbykeirab