Online Dating Tips Thatll Help You Finally Get A Date, According To Science

So, we finally have concrete data about how to win the online dating game. A recent study by researchers Elizabeth Bruch and Mark Newman discovered a new way to measure and classify people’s desirability.

Deciphering human relationships was one of the main objectives in this study carried out by researchers Elizabeth Bruch and Mark Newman titled “Aspirational pursuit of mates in online dating markets,” published in Science Advances last August.

Their work is the result of taking a look at the data of a popular dating site in the US as well as PageRank’s algorithms (PageRank is a Google tool that helps rank elements according to relevance). In this way, they obtained a new way to measure and classify people’s desirability.

Now, thanks to this study, there are two theories that explain the online dating phenomenon where people tend to look for a specific kind of attractiveness. The first theory says that people identify their own attractiveness first, and then look for someone equally attractive. The second theory claims that we always look for people who are more attractive than us. Researchers found that both men and women systematically look for mates who are more attractive than them. However, that doesn’t mean we’re all looking for the hottest person on the internet.

But enough with the context, let’s get to the facts. These are the scientifically-proven online dating tips to win the game:

1. Be aware of your own level of desirability, so you look for people who are more attractive than you, but not more than 25%.

Researchers recommend the most attractive people that, if they want to increase their chances of success, they should send double or triple the number of messages to good-looking candidates.

2. If you’re a gay man

Make sure you include pictures of yourself outdoors on your profile. It’s not 100% guaranteed, but 48% of the most popular men on OkCupid have them.

3. If you’re a lesbian

Apparently, lesbians don’t like selfies that much, which might explain why only 4% of the most popular lesbians on dating sites have them.

4. Favorite activities

Yoga and surfing can open lots of doors for you in the online dating world, and they work both for men and women. That means that a good profile picture of you on a yoga mat might be just what you need. 

5. Should you talk about your cats?

It’s okay to talk about them in general, but actually talking about your cats can make you come off as a weird cat person. Digital analysis shows that your chances increase 5% if you talk about dogs instead.

6. The best part

This information will help you flaunt what you got. Lesbians like pretty legs, gay men like strong arms, and straight people are all about flat stomachs.

7. A nice smile

Say no to the duck face. According to an article published on Wired magazine about the best online dating techniques, 54% of the photos considered the sexiest by dating site users feature the person from the front with a nice, warm smile.


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Translated by Zoralis Pérez