​7 Original First Date Ideas For People Who Are Tired Of Dinner Dates

​7 Original First Date Ideas For People Who Are Tired Of Dinner Dates

original first date ideasSo, who should pay on a first date? We've all experienced that awkward shuffle as the waiter places the check on the table. Do you reach out for it? Things get confusing and clumsy fast when the bill arrives. So why not save yourself the confusion and the dent on your wallet and look for cool alternatives. In my experience, bar dates are a safe-zone but if you really want to make an impression go for something different that opens up the conversation and creates awesome memories.


One of the biggest problems we face are our own insecurities and the irrational fear of screwing things up with the person we like. At the arcade you'll feel more relaxed and you can try out some games with your date. Plus, there will be tons of laughter and you can gage each other's competitive streak. The important thing is to get to know each other so why not play hungry hippo while you're at it? 

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Morning Hikes

Whether it is in a forest or at the beach, nature is the perfect setting when trying to make a connection with someone. As you point out the many wonders nature has to offer, you'll find that the surrounding silence is the perfect platform to share your inner thoughts and listen to what the other person has to share. Also, given it's a physical activity you won't be tempted to pull out your phone and see what's new on your newsfeed. 

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Cooking class

Cooking classes are great since not only will you learn a survival skill but also get to eat yummy food as well. There's a lot of prepping involved so that means you'll have a lot of time to talk. Make sure the course is short and lasts for a few hours so you're not stuck in one place for too long.

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Fairs and carnivals

Creepy clowns to one side, fairs and carnivals are very romantic and they're almost designed for couples to fall in love, at least that's what The Notebook taught me. The only drawback is that fairs and carnivals pop up only during summer or winter, so make sure you actually plan ahead. 

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Ice skating or roller skating 

Okay, if you don’t know how to skate this might sound like a bad idea, but is it? The one cool thing about skating is that it allows room for lots of touching, so you can always hold their hand as they stumble along the ice rink. 

original first date ideasPexels: Edward Eyer


Concerts fill you with energy and positivism, and given that they last for maximum two hours you can always grab a bite to eat afterwards and talk about the best song. Just make sure that the band or singer is someone both of you admire and like, there's nothing worse than sitting in a concert you didn't want to go to anyways. 

original first date ideasUnsplash: Gian Cescon Dinner dates are great but they are expected so why not start off your relationship with something memorable that you'll want to share with your friends. Be creative and have fun because that's the most important element in any date you have.

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