Peanut Butter And Jelly Hair Is The Ultimate Fall Trend Youll Need So Bad

Who would have thought that our favorite and delicious childhood treat would become the inspiration of one of the most gorgeous color hair trends out there?

We’ve seen so many hair trends come and go. Some of them have been remarkable. Others I prefer to leave them fade into oblivion. I must say, however, that I’ve never been so scared yet attracted as it happened with the Peanut Butter and Jelly hair trend. Here’s the thing, in the hopes of becoming viral, we’ve seen so many strange trends involving food and hair all over the Internet. We can see people applying mayonnaise, vinegar, and even Nutella (please don’t!) all over their heads. I mean, one thing is to be too literal and actually grab and spread food on your scalp and another is to take food as inspiration as has happened with hair color. Not so long ago, we had the amazing and vibrant Starburst hair, or the many LaCroix beverage dyes. So, why stopping there? Why not going for something that takes us back to our elementary school years? Something like the oldie but goodie peanut butter and jelly snack?

This hair trend was invented by Megan Schipani, a hairstylist and colorist based in Rockville, Maryland. It all started when a client wanted a vibrant rainbow creations of her but she wasn’t quite sure she wanted something that showy. Immediately, Schipani thought of creating a new look with the same technique of the rainbow creations but with a more toned down use of colors.

The inspiration? Our favorite dessert snack. With a particularly appealing color palette that focuses on beautiful purples, burgundies, and golds, Schipani developed this now popular and highly demanded color style. For her, this was the perfect color combination for “someone who wants to keep it ‘natural’ but wants something fun.” This hair trend is perfect for those of us who look for crazy hair textires that are not "too extra".

To create this amazing color story, Schipani first dyes a few layers of your mane with an intense purple dye that works as a background color to highlight the lighter hues. It’s then that she starts a process, similar to balayage, where she dyes strands of hair with burgundy, gold, and caramel hues. The final result is a tasty and vibrant effect that will make you crave for a delicious bread spread with peanut butter and jelly. 

The best part of this hair effect is that, according to Schipani, it goes well with every hair type and skin color. The only thing to bear in mind is that you’ll have to consider some bleaching to achieve brightness and perfect color. However, unlike rainbow and any other neon or fantasy colors, you won’t need many touch-ups since the purples and burgundies don’t fade that fast. As Schipani explains, this is also a very noble hairstyle since it fades out nicely. So, even when it starts to fade, it will look amazing.

Besides being really nice and modern, perhaps what I liked the most about Schipani’s process of color creation is her attitude. She has no problem sharing her creative process and inspiration to the world; she even shares tips and details of her creative process so people can to replicate it with any other colorist (which won't be many, to be honest). So, if you’re looking for a change that has a cool and fun side mixed with a down to earth color combo, you can take Schipani’s idea to your trusted stylist and rock this delicious hair trend.


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