Why Your Orgasm Can Actually Help You Tone Inner Muscles You Didnt Know You Had

With the increasing popularity of Kegel exercises, women claim theyre experiencing a better sex life, but the truth is that in the majority of the cases, theyre not achieving anything at all.

Almost all of us are highly concerned about how to improve our sex life because let’s face it, it’s probably one of the few most pleasurable things we have in our short life. So, in that attempt to experience the best orgasms it would seem we’re actually willing to do anything people claim will make us better at it. In this craze and search for better sex, we’ve seen a parade of so many techniques and methods that people blindly go for. We saw recently the viral Vaginal Kung Fu in where, through training, one could allegedly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles through a similar idea to weightlifting (actually, the creator of this training shows pictures of her literally lifting heavy stuff with her vagina, that honestly really gave me the creeps).

Vaginal Kung Fu is based on something we’ve heard for a long time that was invented during the forties and have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. Kegel exercises are literally the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles through sets of exercises consisting of contracting and relaxing these muscles. Originally, these were created to help women treat and reduce urinary incontinence. What happens is that generally, after childbirth or because of other factors like age, weight, or physical training can weaken these muscles causing incontinence and even painful sexual experiences. Kegel exercises attempt to prevent this and provide benefits for our health and sex life. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

According to a paper by Brent Reider in the Journal of Women’s Health, Issues, and Care, most women who actually practice Kegel exercises don’t really know if they are doing them correctly because, since they are internal muscles, we can’t really control them as we would the ones from our limbs. It’s very difficult to determine if you’re actually doing something down there. For Reider, the best and more effective way to strengthen these muscles is way much simpler and really hard to do it wrong, and that’s through having an orgasm. In a very interesting theory that tries to shatter other ideas of why the female orgasm exists he claims that this pleasurable process is an evolutional trait to actually strengthen these pelvic floor muscles to help childbirth, hold abdominal organs better, prevent incontinence, and even reduce hip pain.

More importantly, and the reason why his theory is gaining a lot of praise and popularity is that it helps shatter those outdated sexist ideas that claim vaginal penetration is the only purpose of sex with means of reproduction. For him, if that were the case, the clitoris -which is proved to be the organ that can actually trigger the female orgasm in a more effective way (even more than penetration)- wouldn’t be placed where it can be stimulated without the need of a penis. It’s interesting to note that even today in an age of sexual openness, these type of ideas are still common around the world. So, in my opinion, it’s great that Kegel exercises are gaining popularity every day, but at the same time due to this popularity, we can find tons of websites with instructions to perform them, that can end up being futile if we don’t know how they work or even feel.

All in all, what Reider claims is that we can practice Kegel exercises as frequent as we want but nothing really guarantees we’re actually going somewhere, so, not only is the orgasm one of the most satisfying experiences, Reider claims, it’s a “wonderfully effective and marvelously affordable healthcare.” Sometimes, the best solutions for any problem is actually going back to basics. So, it’s not that you need Kegels to achieve an orgasm, is about exploring your body and actually know how it works to actually reach the benefits of strengthening our pelvic floor muscles.


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