How To Get The Perfect Bangs According To Your Face Shape

How To Get The Perfect Bangs According To Your Face Shape

I fall in love with a haircut and once I get it it just looks like the worst hair disaster in history. Although it took me a while to accept it, there are styles that flatter our face shape and some that we should never, ever try. Bangs are not the exception.

Bangs are often thought to be one of those styles we appeal to when we want to make a noticeable change in our style. It’s one of those details that can change our whole look. More than that, it’s one of those styles that are quite temporary so if you get bored with it you can conceal it quite easily without having to pay a visit to your stylist. However, I do believe that getting a particular bang style that doesn’t quite go with your face can turn into an everyday nightmare that soaks a lot of time and effort making it work while you wait for it to grow and start over (believe me I’m saying this out of experience). 

Take for instance the new look Emma Watson is rocking right now. She appeared recently with a very short fringe that looks great on her but I’m pretty sure it would look ridiculous on me. For that matter, it’s important to know what face shape we have and what works best for us so that our hairstyle (in this case bangs) helps highlight our beauty instead of being the only thing noticeable (and not in a very good sense). So, if you want to get the perfect bang style for you, check this short guide.


How To Get The Perfect Bangs According To Your Face Shape 1

The most common mistake we, rounded faced people, do is to get blunt straight bangs that only make us look even rounder and wider. What we want to do is to create the illusion of having a longer face, for that reason, the best type of bangs for us are sided bangs that create an angle that makes our face look longer. Another type of bangs that create that effect are micro bangs, but you have to be very careful since it can also make your face look a bit wider.



How To Get The Perfect Bangs According To Your Face Shape 2

With square faces, you also want to break with some of the lines and create a more soft look. To achieve this the best bangs are those that go straight under the eyebrow. You can go for a full or sided bang bearing with that length, but you’ll want it to be a bit wispy not to add another straight line to your face.



How To Get The Perfect Bangs According To Your Face Shape 3

They’re also known as long faces for a reason, so the idea here is to add some volume to the sides to make it look more balanced. The style of bangs that will help you create that effect are A-shaped bangs that will send the attention to each side of the face. You can also go for a full blunt bang to cut the illusion of the long face but make sure that your hairstyle, in general, is adding some volume to the sides as well.



How To Get The Perfect Bangs According To Your Face Shape 4

If you have a strong jawline and slightly prominent-to-narrow chin, most likely you have a heart-shaped face. The idea here, similarly to squared faces is to soften those harsh lines and one great way to achieve it is through a wispy feathered bang style (it can be either blunt or sided). Another option for you is the crescent bang. These are those that are longer at the sides.



How To Get The Perfect Bangs According To Your Face Shape 5

Last but not least, we have oval faces. This one is often confused with the oblong face, but the difference is that these aren’t that long. Luckily for you, if you have an oval face you can practically rock any bang style so here it’s more of a preference and the one that suits you the best. Still, the style that looks the best is the straight blunt bang that creates a nice and edgy line highlighting your cheekbones.


Bangs are definitely a look that brings some edginess to every style and that can really flatter us all. The trick is knowing how to play with hair to soften our face shape and highlight the features you prefer the most.


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