5 Things That'll Make You Want To Give Period Panties A Try

5 Things That'll Make You Want To Give Period Panties A Try

By: Zoralis Pérez -

In a world of pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, period panties are yet another alternative that you should definitely give a try.

We are living in a period renaissance, where not only are we talking about our periods more than ever before, but there are also so many new products that have come out lately that cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. The breakout star, of course, is the menstrual cup, which has revolutionized the way people have their period, but there are also several other products available now that aim to make our lives easier and take better care of the environment. Period panties are one of them, and today we’ll tell all you need to know about how they work and why they’re so awesome.


5 Things Thatll Make You Want To Give Period Panties A Try  1

They can replace the cup, pads, or tampons

The first time most people hear the word “period panties,” they usually wonder if they can really serve as a replacement for traditional pads or tampons, and the answer is YES. People who have light or medium periods have no problem wearing these all day, and people who have heavier periods use them as back-up along with other products, or only wear them in the later, lighter days of their period.  

They can hold a lot of fluid

According to THINX, the period panty pioneers, their full-coverage panties (high and medium rise) can hold up to two tampons’ worth of fluid, so you can do the math and see if they’d work for you. The main point here is that these panties are made with four layers of fabric that work together to absorb the liquid, wick away moisture, control odors, and prevent leaks. So, you can leave the house wearing them without worrying about any leaks throughout the day. 

5 Things Thatll Make You Want To Give Period Panties A Try  2


You won’t look like you’re wearing a diaper

Period panties look exactly like any regular pair of underwear you have in your drawers right now. Although they are made with four layers of fabric, they are sleek, thin, and even pretty, which can definitely help you feel more comfortable during your period. 

They’re easy to care for

Taking care of period panties to keep them in top shape is very easy. All you have to do is rinse them after use, machine-wash them in cold water, and then let them air dry. So, yes, there is a little bit more care involved than with your regular underwear, but it’s still fairly simple. 


They’re a great eco-friendly alternative

The disposable pads and tampons we use in our lifetime leave behind tons of waste that end up in landfills and pollute the water in our oceans. So, using period panties during the entirety of your period or even for half of it will substantially reduce the amount of waste you produce and is a much better alternative for the environment. Also, think about the money you’ll save from not having to buy so many products every month. Once you have these panties, you can reuse them every month and not have to worry about other expensive products.

The idea of ditching pads and/or tampons and only wearing a pair of panties during your period can definitely sound terrifying to a lot of people, but hopefully, this information will make you consider giving period panties a try.