Here’s How You Can Transform Your Preppy Style With A Bold Neon Touch

Here’s How You Can Transform Your Preppy Style With A Bold Neon Touch

Nowadays makeup trends are all about crazy bold styles with unexpected color combinations. As a makeup addict, I can’t stress how much I love looking at pictures of people rocking these crazy and vibrant styles. But regardless of how much tools and palettes I find, I get cold feet and end up doing my regular makeup. I worry that perhaps these looks won't fit me nor my style. Some of you reading this might be thinking the same, and that’s because these styles are not for everyone. However, something I’ve tried recently is trying to actually incorporate some elements into my own personal look without copying them fully. 

Here’s How You Can Transform Your Preppy Style With A Bold Neon Touch 1

Today we’re going through the steps of the classic preppy style but making things a bit more interesting with a neon touch that will highlight your bold and vibrant personality. Get your makeup together and follow these easy steps.

Get your skin ready

I always like starting my makeup routine by prepping my skin with moisturizer, cream, oil, or basically whatever you like using. Do this at least fifteen minutes before applying your makeup. While I let the product set in my skin I generally get dressed and ready. Once it’s all set, I like priming my face so that the makeup lasts longer and to protect my skin from all the other products I put over. Primers create a coat that will prevent the makeup from going into your pores, that’s why it’s so important. 

Here’s How You Can Transform Your Preppy Style With A Bold Neon Touch 2

Create a nice base 

If you want to cover the bags under the eyes or any other pigmentation you might have, you can apply some concealer and then blend it together with your foundation. It’s a matter of preference if you like applying the foundation before the concealer you can do so as well. Actually, I do that whenever I use concealer afterward when I want to highlight my face. Before moving to the next step, if you want to cover dark eye bags you can use any salmon or pink concealer and blend it with the foundation. Right after that, you can go with your regular concealer.

Make your eyes pop

Here’s How You Can Transform Your Preppy Style With A Bold Neon Touch 3

To start the eye look I always like to use a transition shadow even when I’m not going to create a whole effect with different shadows. For that, I recommend priming your eyes with any eye primer or even with your concealer or foundation. This will make the shadow last longer and avoid any smudging. What’s a transition color? It can be any neutral or light color that will make your eyelids look even. For this look, we’re going with a light shimmery shadow to make your eyes pop and bring some nice light and glow. Apply it all over the lids and go up to the crease.

This is the key step in the whole look. With a neon green (or any color you like) neon liquid eyeliner, create a cat eye line. Create a thinner line with a black liner (gel, liquid, pencil, or even shadows) making sure it looks parallel to the green line. With the same neon color draw a line in the under eye right below the lash line. If you want to make it a bit more dramatic you can also add a thin line with a dark shadow by pressing a thin flat brush. Apply white eyeliner in the waterline to make your eyes look bigger and radiant. Apply mascara or add some lashes to finish the look. 

Here’s How You Can Transform Your Preppy Style With A Bold Neon Touch 4


Final touches

To round up your whole makeup, add some coral or pinky blush in the apple of your cheeks. For a more glowy look, don’t skip highlighter. There are many shades and tones of highlighter but I’d go for a cooler hue instead of the common golden one. You can pick a pink or green highlighter so that it combines perfectly with the look without taking the spotlight from your eyes. Finally, use a bright hot pink lipstick to contrast with the neon hint of your eyes.


As you can see this is still a pretty simple and subtle look with only a hint of color to make it more interesting and modern. You can change the color of the liner every day to combine it with your clothes and still being faithful to your own personal style.


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