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Rebel Wilson came out with the cutest caption on a photo with her girlfriend

Por: 9 de junio de 2022

The actress revealed that she thought she was looking for Prince, when in fact, she wanted a Princess.

Rebel Wilson became one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood after her appearance in the 2015 film ‘Pitch Perfect’ in which she brought to life the charismatic and unforgettable ‘Fat Amy’, who the actress has confessed has been her most beloved role.

After Rebel Wilson was the subject of conversation for her obvious weight loss, the actress confessed that what encouraged her to get a healthier life was her desire to become a mom, because for the fertility treatment she wanted to undergo she needed to have less weight.

This is how she became one of the most admirable and sincere actresses in the industry in terms of her personal life. In fact, in a recent interview she gave to People magazine for its May issue, she revealed her dream of becoming a mother, which is why she resorted to freezing her eggs.

She also talked about her wish to start a family in the future: “I would love to have a family. Right now I’m making it on my own because of the biological clock. If I meet the right person, great, and then they can fit in.”

And she emphasized fertility treatments and new technologies: “It’s great that the technology exists. You have so many options with surrogacy and sperm donors. I only started thinking about fertility when I was 39, so you feel pretty late, but then there are women in their 40s who have been successful. Look at Janet Jackson, it’s pretty inspiring.”

Rebel Wilson introduces her girlfriend

Just a few weeks after this interview was made public and her most recent movie ‘Senior Year’ was released on Netflix, the actress shared with her Instagram followers great news regarding her love life: she officially introduced her girlfriend.

To accompany the photo with her new girlfriend Ramona Agruma, the actress wrote: “I thought I was looking for a Disney prince .... but maybe what I really needed all along was a Disney princess”.

In her most recent statements, Rebel Wilson confessed that she still didn’t know the right person to give her confidence and love, however, this new revelation filled her followers with inspiration.

Who is Rebel Wilson’s girlfriend?

Ramona Agruma is a resident of Los Angeles, California, a fashion designer, and founder of the sustainable clothing brand Lemon Ve Limon, whose line is based on style and comfort, including tracksuits and sweatshirts. She is also an ambassador for the jewelry brand, Bee Goddess.

Ramona Agruma’s Instagram profile is private, however, the actress had already been spotted with her at various events such as the Oscars after-party, however, until today, Rebel Wilson officially introduced her as his girlfriend.

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