Rihannas New Makeup Collection Chill Owt Is Giving Us Real Ice Queen Vibes

Are you ready to shine in the holidays? Forget about green and red makeup, and get Rihannas ice-themed holiday collection that will turn you into a real Ice Queen.

Rihanna has proven she’s a great musician, a budding actress, and in the last few years, an excellent businesswoman. One of her greatest achievements to date is the extremely successful Fenty Beauty brand, which in a little more than a year managed to change the whole makeup industry. Not only has she been releasing amazing and unique products of great quality, but she also made the best entrance possible into the industry with her really wide and diverse shade range of foundations, which most important brands have been following. 

Fenty Beauty has become a beauty icon when it comes to inclusion: all her products work amazingly for all skin tones, and her new holiday collection is proof that RiRi is all about diversity. With several ice-themed products, Chill Owt gives us amazing and unique frosty colors that we can all rock not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year. With the same high quality as always, here are the products included in the collection, and that I bet will become the favorites of many people out there. So, if you want to turn into a modern, glam Ice Queen, this is the makeup collection you need.

Killawatt Foil Highlighter Palette

The star of the collection is definitely her new highlighter palette called Killawatt Foil, with seven different shades. With names like Scandal’ice, Heart Burn, and Subzero, these are hyper-metallic shades for all styles and skin colors. Killawatt Foil can be used basically anywhere you want to bring light to, from your cheeks to your eyes, or even to add a "foil" hint to your lips. The palette ranges from cool blues to coppers and oranges. You can apply a single layer for a subtle and sheer look, or build on the color for a bolder look.


Snow Daze/ Snow Nights Frosted Metal Lipsticks

To complement the frosty and metallic vibe, Fenty Beauty is launching two sets of lipsticks (with three different colors in each bundle) with really unique shades for the season. Snow Daze is the set for those who are more into the warm-toned ranges; you’ll get a really gorgeous hot pink lipstick (“Cuffing Season”), a bright gold (“What’s Your Numb’a”), and a reddish hue described on the website as “frosted papaya” (“So Chilli”). Snow Nights, as you can see, is the cool-toned set with that beautiful bluish shade called “No Chill,” a copper hue perfect for your everyday looks (“Frost Sauce”), and a dark gray lipstick called “Fog Snog.” These are extremely creamy, very rich in pigment, and extremely metallic. Oh, and did I mention the packaging is stunning?


Avalanche Powder Set

Since the collection was finally revealed, what has gotten more attention and expectation is this powder set with stunning vibrant colors to add a dramatic vibe to each of your looks. These loose pigments come in seven different colors, including a very bold and bright blue (“Glacier Gang”), a bright yellow gold (“Ice Cream”), to a unique smokey gold (“Cleopatra”) that’s calling my name so bad. These are all metallic pigments that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.


Frost Metallic Eye + Lips Crayons

As if all of these weren’t gorgeous enough, the collection also includes three different sets of metallic highly-pigmented crayons that can be also used on the eyes and lips. If you’re more of a subtle and neutral kind of person, Frost Bunny will be the one for you, with very nice and light hues like “Banana Frost,” “Parka Princess,” and “Guava Mint.” For those who prefer warm-toned hues, there's Frost Hunny with a bronze (“Ice Dunes”), an orange (“Sunfrost”), and a gorgeous terracotta (“Pretty Penny”). Finally, following the icy theme of the collection, you can have Frost Money with three cool-toned bold colors such as “$lu$sh Fund,” “Igloo Bloo,” and “Smokin’ Purp.” 


So far, all of these products are said to be limited edition, so I wouldn’t hesitate much on getting them. Besides these, she’s also launching a full ten-piece bundle of her famous Mattemoiselle lipsticks, and two different ornament gift products with one mini Fairy Bomb (her famous highlighting pom pom), and one including two mini Mattemoiselles. The color range is gorgeous and perfect for the entire fall and winter season, but perhaps what I love the most is the versatility of each product to create unique frosty looks. As usual, Rihanna raises the bar really high, so let’s see what the other brands companies come up with.


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