Rihanna Vs. Kylie: 5 Must-Have Palettes You Need For This Summer Makeup

Are you looking for an innovative palette to rock this summer? You should check these out.

Summer is already here, and with it many new makeup products are hitting the stores. Since last month, some of the most popular brands in the market released this year’s summer makeup collections, and as you might have seen, the days of golden hues and bronzy shades are over; today it’s all about vibrant and playful colors that give some serious summer vibes. From Rihanna’s highly expected Fenty Beauty collection to Kylie’s banana-themed campaign, you better have some cash on hand to get your hands on at least one of these amazing collections.

Born to Run - Urban Decay

Except for a couple of collections, Urban Decay isn’t known for having a very bright catalog. On the contrary, they are pretty much the inventors of nude shades and naked looks. However, this season they launched the perfect combination between neutral and vibrant with their "Born to Run" collection. It includes a gorgeous eyeshadow palette with 21 colors (mattes, metallics, and satins) ranging from neutrals to very interesting bright hues that will add a pop of color to your looks. The collection also includes a set of three lipsticks and three long-lasting metallic pencil eyeliners. These are all designed to get as many looks as you can imagine with one single palette.

Moroccan Spice - Fenty Beauty

Besides being an incredible musician, Rihanna has definitely conquered the beauty market with her high-quality and inclusive Fenty Beauty brand. Not only does she have a huge range of foundations for all skin tones, but also her products are designed to match everyone. Her last launch was a summer collection called "Moroccan Spice," and as the name indicates, it’s all about a great combination of colors inspired by the crafts and arts of Morocco’s scenery and local products. Rihanna’s eyeshadow formula is amazing: her metallics and shimmers have a bold and glowing consistency that lasts for hours, and her new mattes are super blendable and easy to wear. The collection also includes an eye primer, a sharp eyeliner, and two eye brushes; in other words, the perfect set to create sultry eye looks.

The Summer Collection - Kylie Cosmetics

There’s no doubt that Kylie Jenner has created an empire with her makeup company, and with that influence in the industry she basically releases new products every month. However, what people really love is her collections, and the summer one isn’t the exception. With bright orange packaging and cute bananas all over it, the summer collection includes two lip kits in nude shades (one of them is one of her best-selling ones), three glitter lip glosses, five matte lipsticks (the one called tangerine just screams summer), and of course the soul of the party, the eyeshadow palette. It has fourteen different colors, including mattes and shimmers. This one, in particular, isn’t such a bold and interesting palette for me. The palette has a very warm-toned selection of the kind of neutral colors in the orange ranges, however, it does have a couple of hues that can give that extra pop of color. So, if you’re more of a neutral person who likes to “go bananas” sometimes, this one will be perfect for you.

Thirsty Summer Collection - Jeffree Star

We have to talk about the highly controversial entrepreneur and beauty influencer Jeffree Star, with his new, huge, and to be honest quite alluring, summer collection. The star of the show is definitely his new "Thirsty" palette with ten mattes and five metallics (and let me tell you, these are really metallic). It has a very interesting color range from corals and neutrals, to three very vibrant yellow, blue, and aqua hues. The center row, the metallics, are great to pop up whatever look comes into your mind. To round up your looks, the collection includes eight liquid lipsticks with his characteristic velour formula, four lip scrubs, two signature stars and two popsicle-shaped hand mirrors, and a set of makeup bags. I told you, this is really a huge collection.

Norvina - Anastasia Beverly Hills

Last but not least, since last week, the makeup community has been focused on the new ABH eyeshadow palette created by none other than Norvina (president of ABH and daughter of the founder of the company). The palette is definitely something new, especially for a summer release since it contains mainly cool colors. With fourteen shades (seven shimmers and seven mattes), this palette has definitely the quality we all love. The palette is released with a new liquid lipstick in a violet shade.

These are all great palettes and the most hyped ones right now. Naturally, these brands will come up with new stuff probably before we can get our hands on all of these. However, what I really liked about these ones is that they aren’t limited for the summer: these are really complete palettes that can be used to create countless looks throughout the entire year.


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