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Camilla gives her first speech as Queen Consort

Por: Gabriela Castillo18 de noviembre de 2022

The wife of King Charles gave her first speech since the death of Elizabeth II. Geri from the Spice Girls was present at the historic moment.

Two months after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, who was at the head of the crown for more than seven decades, her son Charles is now the new monarch. This, of course, means that Camilla of Cornwall is the new Queen Consort (something her thousands of detractors feared after the passing of Princess Diana in 1997). Today she gave her first speech as such at the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Prize awards.

“I cannot begin without paying tribute to my dear mother-in-law. Her late Majesty, who is very much in our thoughts today and whom we miss so much,” the Queen consort said. “Over the past few months, my husband and I have found great comfort in the messages of condolences we have received, and continue to receive, from all corners of the world.”

“We have been reminded that the written word has the unique ability to connect, heal, comfort, and offer hope, even amid grief,” she said, apropos of the contest, which is one of the most famous and oldest essay competitions.

Camilla also mentioned a famous quote from Elizabeth I, who reigned from the year 1558 to 1603. “It was on a day like today, November 17, that Queen Elizabeth I ascended the throne,” she said. “She once mentioned about herself that, although she was aware of the merits of the monarchs who preceded her, ‘they will never have someone who loves them more,’” she said, referring to the then Queen’s quote and her love for the Commonwealth.

Camilla’s speech occurred in front of the contest winners, plus representatives of the Royal Commonwealth Society (including singers Alexandra Burke and Geri Horner of the Spice Girls). “We are all united by a deep appreciation of the written word and our Commonwealth,” said Camilla. “This wonderful, extraordinary, richly diverse association of independent and equal nations, and their friends, is truly ours, it belongs to each of us, and the connection runs deep.”

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva

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