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Kate Middleton and Prince William get their first official portrait as a couple

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 23 de junio de 2022

This portrait marks the beginning of the couple’s transition to become Prince and Princess of Wales.

As Prince William and Kate Middleton approach a huge swift in their lives as royal members, their image and how they’re presented to the public have changed as well. Now that their royal duties have increased and they want to be seen not only as a power couple but as the future monarchs of the United Kingdom, the Cambridges certainly needed an official portrait to portray that new phase in their professional and public lives.

Commissioned back in 2021, their official first joint portrait as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has finally been unveiled and it has all the elements that have made this couple so iconic in the public eye. The painting was commissioned by the county of Cambridgeshire, a region in the City of Cambridge. William and Kate were granted the titles of Duke and Duchess of the city on their wedding day in 2011.

The award-winning British artist Jamie Coreth was in charge of creating the piece funded by the Cambridge Community Foundation as a gift to the people of the county of Cambridgeshire. According to the artist, he wanted to portray the couple in a “manner where they appeared both relaxed and approachable, as well as elegant and dignified.”

To do so, he took one of Kate and William’s most iconic looks. In William’s case, it was his characteristic navy blue suit, one of his wardrobe staples. As for Kate, he went for the fabulous emerald Falconetti dress created by Susie Cave for the brand The Vampire’s Wife. She wore this phenomenal piece on a trip to the Guinness factory in Dublin in 2020.

Coreth explained that since this is the first portrait they appear together, he wanted the painting to “evoke a feeling of balance between their public and private lives.” The painting can be enjoyed by the public at the University of Cambridge in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

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